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EYFS data confusion

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by qualiteacher, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. qualiteacher

    qualiteacher New commenter

    Hello All,
    The tracker my school uses has really confused me an I am now starting to question myself. Could an example of tracking progress in EYFS look like this:
    Pupil 1:
    On entry: 30-50 developing
    T1: 30-50 secure
    T2: 40-60 beginning
    T3: 40-60 developing
    T4 40-60 secure
    Term 5: ELG beginning
    Term 6 ELG developing (1 at end of year)

    Pupil 2:
    On entry: 30-50 secure
    T1: 40-60 beginning
    T2: 40-60 developing
    T3: 40-60 secure
    Term 4: ELG beginning
    Term 5: ELG developing
    Term 6 ELG secure (2 at end of year)

    Or is that all wrong?!
  2. ChanChan123

    ChanChan123 New commenter


    I'm under the impression that Rec children are expected to make 4 points progress over the year? The expectation is that they enter around 30-50S/40-60E and then leave at ELG - somewhere?! Obviously it depends where they enter. I am now feeling I'm very wrong in the amount of progress they should make. Hmm. But we highlight the actual statements each term to gain an idea of where they actually are. What you've got looks pretty plausible though?
  3. maud1901

    maud1901 New commenter

    You could check up with your county or what about contacting other local schools at your local moderation meeting? In my experience if you are the only person in your school with EYFS knowledge then it is not helpful to ask the SLT as they may give you wrong information. You could also contact your local county EYFS specialist. In my experience people are only too willing to help as it helps them, too.

    The pressure to show progression is unbelievable but sometimes some children can be on an age band for a while (hence the use of emerging, etc) to demonstrate that progress within the band.

    I'm no expert in this but have taught EYFS for 10 plus years. If you want my honest opinion - the goalposts keep changing as much in EY as it does in the rest of the school so keep your finger on the pulse.

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