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EYFS Cultural Experiences

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by receptionteacher88, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Coming from a really non diverse classroom, I am trying to provide my children with as many cultural experiences as well to provide evidence towards their profiles!!
    Has anyone had any good experiences of people coming in or visits you've been on?
    Thank you!
  2. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I work in a similar school. Last year, we discovered "Let's Celebrate" (CBeebies programme with excellent website). It's been fantastic.
    We choose a celebration, watch a video of children the same age as our children, preparing for a special time, and then celebrating the festival/special day. Then we try out some of the activities that we have seen.
    In the Autumn term, for example, we watched some clips about Divali. Then we made Rangoli patterns (sticking coloured shapes onto black sugar paper) and Divali lamps in the classroom, and chalked Rangoli patterns on the playground - just like the children that we'd watched.
    Last week was St David's day, so we watched the video, and then made Welsh flags to wave and baked Welsh cakes.
    Although we still haven't had actual visitors in the classroom, the activities seem to be meaningful to our children. They can relate to them, because they've seen other children carrying them out.
  3. EY_Teacher

    EY_Teacher New commenter

    It's a bit late for this year, but my friend gave me the details of a website that has names written in Chinese. She used it for Chinese New Year. There are a lot of names listed on there, so might be useful! http://chineseculture.about.com/library/name/blna_m_k.htm
    Each class at my school (10 in total) are picking a country for the Olympics. We will make flags/banners etc and do lots of art in preparation for sports day. But, we will also set up our classroom with lots of resources/artifacts from our chosen country. We'll then go around each of the classrooms and learn about each others' chosen countries.
    I hope that helps (and makes sense!)
  4. Thank you, some wonderful ideas. Just been on the Cbeebies website and found some lovely videos for Holi, so think we might have an impromptu celebration tomorrow!
    Thank you!
  5. Thanks everyone, thats really given me some good ideas.
    PS. Holi was definitely worth doing. We have had such a good day today; throwing powder paint at wet cloths, some bollywood dancing and tasting indian foods :D

    Happy Weekend x
  6. thank you for your advice :)

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