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EYFS Changes for those who haven't seen or weren't aware

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Msz, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Mac64, is it a Nursery or Reception? Are you a teacher or TA?
  2. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Star-9 Im Y1 but moving to Reception in September. We cover Nursery to Yaer 6. The staff I'm reffering cover the RE side.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Certain subjects can be taught by unqualified teachers (instructors) usually music art pe swimming...
  4. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Msz I thought that was the case and assumd that this would apply to RE.
  5. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Msz do have any links to any guidance on this matter? There have been a few people interviewed who would be great for the job but the qualification issue is a problem.
  6. That would be useful for me as well, please.
  7. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

  8. "Under the infant class size legislation TAs can't cover any class regardless of size for long periods of time. PPA is allowed and so is illness but only for a short time until a qualified teacher is found."

    Do you have a link to where I could find this please? I am concerned for developments at my location and don't want to go in guns blazing to make a complete fool of myself!
  9. In an FS unit could we have 30 nursery and 30 rec with 2 teachers and 2 TA? What about 26 nursery and 34 Rec or 22 nursey and 34 rec?
  10. The 30 rec. can have one teacher without support and the Nursery 30 chn. with 1 tchr and 2 TAs - they recommend Nursery groups of no more thatn 26 but don't think its statutory. If Rec. go over 30 need extra teacher.
  11. Thanks fugs! when it says level 3 practioner does that mean someone educated to NNQ3 or someone paid as a TA3? (not always the same thing...)
  12. Know what you mean! Should be qualified to Level 3.
  13. Can anyone explain to me why a TA can cover teachers PPA in reception but not then for older children?

    It's almost assumed that it's an easier job and that it doesn't need a teacher because they are just 'playing'.

    I really think that PPA should be covered by a teacher and I'm sure that many parents would expect this.
  14. TA's do cover PPA for older children but are paid at a higher level, cover supervisors or HLTA's. However I do agree that some schools do not seem to value to importance of the Foundation Stage and think that it is just supervison of children's play and so can be carried out by anyone - qualified or not...
  15. Hi Msz

    I've been reading lots of your posts and have been taking note of your advice etc but was wondering if you could help me. I've just become the Early years and KS1 co-ordinator and the two reception teachers are new (1 is gtp and other worked in Reception during Summer Term as previous teacher had left) so pretty much there are 3 new people leading this area!!! EEk. I was led to believe the previous EY and KS1 co-ord had put new framework in place as she worked in Reception however now i'm not so sure. Could you help me on following points?

    • How and where do i find out about continuous and enhanced provision? Where do we put this on planning format?
    • Currently we have CLL and PRSN format as well as the other areas on a seperate format. Is this ok or do we need all planning for areas on same format/sheet etc. Do you have any formats that could guide us in the right direction?
    • Last year the children did CLL and PRSN during morning and during those sessions, after whole class input, the children would move to different areas - 1 teacher led, 1 LSA led and three independent linked to CLL/PRSN. With the move towards child intiated play is this still ok?
    • Observations - how and where do you record this?
    If you could direct me to key articles/publications I would be most grateful. I've got most of the EY stuff of teachernet but, from what i've been reading on this website I feel there must be more guidance out there!?

    PS. I've created a document which details all objectives for 30-50 months and 40-60 months so that the reception staff have an easier document to use when planning during PPA. Any use??

  16. Hi there,
    I too have been reading the posts and wondered if you could help. I work in a primary school where there is a nursery class with 57 children. They have one teacher, a nursery nurse and two TA 2's. Should there be another teacher? If not surely there should be another TA as the 1;13 ratio isn't being applied either?

  17. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    Hi I would like to know the following:
    Why do LEA's offer over 30 children a place in Reception when the statutory requirement is 30 ?
    Who is actually checking that reception classes are actually 30 or less ?
    I have been informed that infant class legislation for classess under 30 applies only to literacy and Numeracy.
    I currently have my own class (Nursery) and spend 2 days a week in other schools and none of them are under 30 in Reception all have 1 teacher and 1 TA .
    Any thoughts would be gratefully received
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Check out the Infant Class Size Duty
    The 30 limit applies at ALL times not just literacy and numeracy.
    My own LA won't offer places to more than 30 children. At the moment I have 29 children in my reception class and had two children apply last week who have just moved into the area and we aren't allowed to admit either child and parents must go to appeal.

  19. Hi you might want to check out the infant class size legislation on teacher net - under EYFS requirements - reception classes need to follow the Infant class size legislation if they fit into that category - if they do not and the majority of children are under five then they are under the Health & Safety at Work Act expected to risk assess for the younger children - responsibility for this lies with the head-teacher and Governors - minimum ratio in reception of 1 FT teacher to 30 children, therefore another teacher should be appointed if numbers exceed 30 - the PPA guidelines (also found on teacher net) outlines the criteria for use of HLTA, they can only be used in replace of the teacher following the guidelines, they cannot be used as a full time replacement - Nursery classes in maintained schools, however should check out the statutory requirements under the EYFS as they fall into the ratio range of 1-13 - do not have the document with me, so cant check the page number for you sorry - hope this helps. G


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