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eyfs assembly

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by garlictractor, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. garlictractor

    garlictractor New commenter

    Hello , could anyone please give me some ideas on a eyfs assembly using the three little pigs as a theme and maybe some music ?

  2. Are they reception? I always do assemblies around the work the children have been doing. Film them retelling or acting it out or using small world pigs-parents love seeing their children playing and rarely get the chance-show it on the big screen. Show any writing-letters to the wolf. Sing -Who's afraid of the big bad wolf' and add instruments/actions/dance etc. Show pictures/paintings they have done in the areas. Show buildings/structures they have built. Do the experiment with them-making houses of straw/sticks/bricks and use hair dryer with pic of wolf on. Talk-film what they say if ch. not confident enough to speak in front of school.
    Do they have buddies? they could always do some project with them and do assembly with them.
    Hope this helps!

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