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EY to Year 1 Baseline balancing

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by seh101, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. seh101

    seh101 New commenter

    Year 1 staff have been asked, as usual, to do baseline assessments. Unfortunately, on target tracker we can't just follow on from the EY data as it doesn't tally up. So last year, Year 1 staff used EY bands for low ability, 'below' for the mid-able kids and 'below +' for the more able. However, this means their progress wasn't represented very well & it appeared on paper that most children made very little progress, which wasn't the case!

    What do other people do when using EY data to inform a baseline in Year 1...or do we just ask Year 1 to start fresh assessments? disregarding the EY data. Our problem is that the head thinks that anyone who achieves good level of development in EY should automatically achieve a 'secure' in year 1, but we assess such different things?
    I'm bewildered and confused & thinking I may just go & work at Aldi...
  2. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    You mean you didn't go into teaching because you wanted to worry about things like this? Sad what the profession has become. Seriously, could you do with discussing it with the head, given what you say about his/her understanding?

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