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EY Classroom - what and how to set up!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by foresta, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. I'm new to EYFS (been teaching for 15 yrs in KS1) so am trying to get my head around my indoor/outdoor space.
    On a recent course we were advised to get rid of tables. Change role play areas regularly otherwise they get bored and start to trash it! I think 3/4 weeks is a good time frame but obviously depends on your theme/focus.
    Try to incorporate the 6 areas of learning but if you can't, swap them around over the half term.
    I've talked a lot to the TA's that work in EYFS already to try and determine what works -or not!
    Also try and get into some other settings to see what they do. We did this this morning and it was brilliant! Picked up some good ideas.
    We will probably make mistakes along the way but that's how we learn isn't it!
  2. Unless you really hate what is in place already, why don't you work with it for a bit? Sometimes you can change things because you feel it is not for you only to find that there was a valid reason that things were organised in that particular way, for example the traffic of children around a room or the pathway to the loo. My advice...suck it and see for awhile.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    [​IMG] children don't trash things because they are borded they trash things because they haven't been taught to respect property...
    Look at ABCDoes...

  4. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    As far as role play goes I would definitely look at the ABC Does blog. There is also a great thread on here about the idea of 'deconstructed role play'.
    We have recently invested in new storage units so that the children can make choices in their role play - they have tubs with baby play, kitchen items, dressing up etc and they get out what they need - all clearly labelled so they know where everything goes.
    You need to train them at first but they never trash it - I wouldn't stand for it!
    And yes - you do need some tables!
  5. Hi
    I'm not saying get rid of ALL tables but we have 5 tables in our Reception classroom and it is very cramped.
    I do think children get bored no matter how well they have been trained to work/play in an area. I suppose the key is to add extra elements as time goes on to promote learning and generate new interest.
    I am new to this forum and enjoy reading peoples views and ideas but do find some people are very abrupt in their replies to some posts. This is supposed to be a community to share ideas, I thought! And yes I have looked at the ABC....site and read some very good things on there but thank you for suggesting it anyway
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    trashing the role play isn/t acceptable whether bored or not.
    Try looking at the Little Book of Prop Boxes for Role Play
  7. Hello,

    I would as I love the set up in the two other EYFS classrooms but my classroom is currently a KS1 classroom with nothing set up in it for FS. Obviously there are display boards, and I have some ideas for this but really I want to know peoples experiences of what has been successful in setting up a writing area or messy play.

    I really like the ABCDoes blog. Amazing inspirational ideas! Wonder how I could get my NN to carry a pad of paper for observations?!

    Thanks for replies. I know that I have a new sofa coming in a few weeks so it will be in place for the start of term!
  8. Start scouring skips, charity shops and never let anyone throw anything away before asking you if you can put it to use first. One person's junk is our treasure. Last week I used a wicker laundry basket taken (after asking of course) from a neighbour's garden as a talk box. Inspired of course, by ABCdoes. Our best used construction items outside are tyres (scrubbed clean by children), some table frames that the tops have fallen off, milk and bread crates, guttering and pipes, empty fruit boxes, the large cardboard tubes that new carpet is wrapped around and various lengths of material that were formerly curtains. All donated by parents or colleagues' partners. My colleague wears a market trader's apron with pockets;sticky labels inside to make observations, number fan for quick number recognition practise etc.
    Something I love about early years is being a creative thinker. My children need to learn ... I could hook them into learning that by ...... using .......
  9. Hi
    I've recently sent a 'begging' letter out to all parents! Asking for unwanted jigsaws, farm/jungle animals, craft stuff e.g envelopes, cards, paper..other stationary stuff! Telephones, dressing up clothes, hats, bags etc.
    I have had some really good stuff sent in and am really pleased. One box is full of unused greetings cards and envelopes plus loads of stickers, stampers and craft paper.
    Maybe you could try this is September once you start

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