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EY budget bid.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by charlotte82, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. As a new FS leader (and teacher-only since Sept) I have been asked to complete a budget bid for the next year April-April. I have to outline what I want/need and how much (roughly) I need for each thing I bid for. I've asked how much is reasonable to ask for and have been told that I can bid for as much as I want and if the money is there I'll get it (I've since found out that last years was about £1,500). Any ideas what to bid for? Help me spend my money!
  2. As a new FS leader (and teacher-only since Sept) I have been asked to complete a budget bid for the next year April-April. I have to outline what I want/need and how much (roughly) I need for each thing I bid for. I've asked how much is reasonable to ask for and have been told that I can bid for as much as I want and if the money is there I'll get it (I've since found out that last years was about £1,500). Any ideas what to bid for? Help me spend my money!
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Without knowing what you have already it is difficult to make suggestions but it does seem an odd way to go about resourcing a setting.
  4. We have to do it this way too. We make a quick audit of what we have and decide on additional resources needde or that need replacing. All subject leaders have to do this annually. Governing body then allocate budget. We always aim high!
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We are given a budget to buy consumables (around £1500) then request any "big" purchases as needed.
  6. obviously things that are strongly linked to a curriculum area (ie Maths or Literacy) come from those subject leaders budgets. I only have to bid for things that are particularly early years that people won't use their budgets for (ie sand,small world play etc)I was only putting out feelers to see if anyone had any 'must have' items that they thought everyone should have!
  7. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    I always asked for about £5000 and usually got about £1500 max I never got any subject budget, and out of that had to buy loo paper, tissues, washing up liquid etc , all the stuff noone else had to buy from their budget. It was always a sore point. When we failed OFSTED, guess what, Oh they got their £5000 AND subject money from literacy and numeracy budgets which we had not received a penny form in 6 years.
    Not that IM cynical or anything!

    What id say is, big high, and keep a record of it.

  8. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    is this to provide static resources or consumable and static? If both and your not the only FS teacher, ask the teachers to make a list of what they need for the year............ do an inventory of what large equipment you have and then order what is needed.

    I always make mine very large I put everything on it, then if you get it yippee, the hunt for storage is on, if they cut back a bit it wont matter.........I have two budgets one for consumables one for resources
  9. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    A few of you have said that you have received £1500 budget - is this for Reception and Nursery together?
    I feel quite hard done by - we each get a classroom budget of £250 per year (one form entry primary), regardless of the amount of consumables we provide. Hence stockpiling of exercise books in KS2 and little old me having to buy things for my Reception class along with my weekly shopping.
    Bidding seems like a much more sensible idea to me!
  10. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    We have our own for nursery, which I am glad as we have different needs and two sessions, also we do different things, environment a different layout to the YrR class so require different resources.
    Although attached to School we are .... School & Nursery so a sep part of School.

    There is sep funding given to LA's for foundation stage, it is a lot of money,can t remember what it is called, but someof it should go into Schools. I think it depends on your HT and Governors if they recognise that you have different needs. Even having to provide, sand, paint, water bits and malleable daily adds up, let alone all the rest. You should write a letter to your govenors and ask for more to give access to higher quality learning :))
  11. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    Cinderella - oooh, tell me more! Is sep funding similar to standards fund? I know that I don't receive anything extra to any other class in shool to actually 'spend', but funds could be coming in to pay for other things I am unaware of. Our Head is always very approachable if we need to purchase extra large items - he finds the money from somewhere, as long as we don't ask too often!!
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I am fortunate that my head sees FS as a high priority and has invested a huge amount in making sure we are well resourced with the large permanent items and are given a generous budget for things like sand paint etc.
  13. cranberryjuice

    cranberryjuice New commenter

    I too have had to do a bid. last year we got £1000 but that is for everything. We don't get anything out of subject co-ordinators budget! Followed advice from this thread. Current list is at £2500! I am sure I can add more!!
  14. In the past I've gone a whole year with no budget at all at the same time as there was tens of thousands spent on catch up programmes in Key Stage Two and "whole school" topic, which was actually year one to year six. Apparently the two grand I'd spent the previous year included a £1k overspend, although I'd been told at the time that the two grand was mine... That was with a totally slippery, tight ***** head, completely uninterested in early years, except when there were plaudits to be had. Not that I'm bitter or anything!

    Personally, I've never liked having to bid for money. I much preferred transparency whereas I knew exactly how much I had to spend and could therefore prioritise spending. Quite often though, what was offered (usually between £1500 and £3000 a year), just about covered consumables with enough left over for maybe two or three nice resources a year.
  15. Our budget for Foundation Stage last year was £500. This was for 2 Reception classes and nursery. If we want consumables... well Reception teachers have to buy their own and this leads to inconsistancies in provision. Nursery are a little better off as snack fund covers some of these.
    I wonder what we'll get this year?
  16. You really, really MUST stop bankrolling your classroom with purchases you make yourself. I know it's hard, because you want the best for the children, but let the supply of consumables dry up, get by on what there is, invite the head down to see the difference - you'll probably have to point the differences out mind you because so many of them are totally ignorant about early years, but you must do it, otherwise your budget situation will never improve - you make a rod for your own back.
  17. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    Thought I'd bump this back up as I've been wondering - Those of you who receive large budgets for Reception classes (i.e. more than the £250 I receive) - what do you spend it on? Do you always spend it all? Are you allowed to carry some of it forward into the next year to allow for a major furniture purchase?
  18. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    As Cinderella said, schools get more money, per head, for FS children than any other age group. This money should be spent on consumables plus re-stocking/maintaining bigger equipment. I used to have a budget of 2 thousand and that was 10 years ago! We would buy all our paper, paint, small world, sand, books etc. and also (every year) buy larger equipment such as bikes and cars which can be really expensive.

    In FS consumables include virtually everything because of the heavy wear resources get; it?s not just your paper and paints but toys, books, construction equipment etc. Still, if you?re not being told your budget it can be difficult to enquire exactly what it is.
  19. colorado

    colorado New commenter

    This is very interesting as I have sent out 'feelers' regarding budget in anticipation of having to make some changes ready for September and the EYFS. Head has told me that there is no extra money.Am I right in thinking that because school receive extra money for FS children they then need to be passing this extra money on to the children via resources etc.?
    Would it be likely that this money could be being spent on staffing e.g Nursery Nurse and lunchtime welfare assistants to help maintain ratios?
    I am FS co-ordinator(not SMT and no TLR) and haven't got a clue exactly how much funding we get for each child. I just feel like we're short-changing the children now and am beginning to get a bit cross!!
  20. we have 3 reception classes and a two session nursery thats about 145 children and we DON'T get a separate fs budget thats happened for the last 2-3 years we have to send a wish list to the subject coordinators with 3 lists need, want, luxury. we normally get half of our need list maybe 1 or 2 from our want and very rarely get anything from our luxury. we are making a plee this year for our own budget as we end up buying some consumables ourselves.

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