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extra hours

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sugarbabe70, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. I work as a part time teaching assistant doing 20 hours a week on my contract and then an extra 4 and half hour every week for nearly a year. When should these extra hours be included in your contract?
  2. I am in similar position 12 hours on one permanent contract and 6 hours on a temporary contract which runs on a year by year basis. I thought this was common practice, you got offered a contract, over time you are offered more hours, but not on the same contract.
    I've recently been told that I am keeping my 6 hours for next year. HT advised that they don't ever consolidate the hours onto one permanent contract as this removes the school's flexibility in changing TA hours. I am always guaranteed my 12 hours, but additional 6 can be changed / taken away / reduced / whatever, to fit the needs of the school.
    I look at it that with everything going on with budget cuts etc. I am fortunate to have permanent hours. I have also been told that owing to the length of time I have been at the school they equally could not take my 6 temporary hours away and give them to anyone else. If the hours are there, they are mine!


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