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Extra hours ...

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I dread to think! It depends on the time of year. Around show week it's a lot, as it is around exams. Due to the extra bank holidays I'm going to have to go into school for one of them with my AS group as it's hitting so many of their lessons. I tend to do 5 lunchtimes a week Sept-March and I've been doing 2 after school sessions for the show and for my re-sit group. And then with coursework I'm doing extra sessions after school for controlled conditions. Also, we do a Sunday for the show and of course evening performances, for both extra curricular and exams. And of course trips, which all take place in the evenings. Having said that, my English teaching colleagues have *far* more marking than me so although they don't stay in school or come in on Sundays/Bank Holidays they probably spend the same amount of time marking at home. I don't resent it on the whole and I do think extra curricular is part of the job to be honest. For the exams and coursework, like most teachers at my school, I do what I can to ensure it's up to standard and this sometimes includes extra rehearsals and catch up sessions. It is hard though and it's something I've struggled to find a balance with and I find that I do less now than I used to - partly because I'm more efficient at using lesson time so there's less need and partly because I do draw a line. I do sympathise. My husband is a music teacher so he's in a similar position. I can certainly relate to the feeling of struggling from time to time though!
  2. I used to do loads. But I soon worked out I needed a work life balance and I missed my fiance. I won't do weekends anymore and I mix lunch with after school, depending on outside influences. I have trained my classes to work independently, after all it is them being marked not me.
    It's all down to the individual I know some people do more evenings and weekends than they seem to do hours in normal work time. I won't do that again.
    As for shows, I share those with colleagues because its just too much work for one person. We do one night and give ourselves plenty of time to get it ready. My colleagues know I won't do weekends and so they have followed my lead.
    I'm very anal about my planning though, so I use a gant chart for shows and exam pieces. They are followed fairly closely and my students are used to dropping into a piece half way through after leaving it the day before.
    Are you an NQT? If so I'm sure you will soon get used to the pace of things and be able to cut back after this year.
    I will admit though that I did have to combine a lunch and after school for my osca2, now that was a pain.
    Auds x
  3. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I used to. I have since learnt (and this sounds so very sad) that some seem schools see the things one tries to do as a terrible inconvenience, gawd forbid you should need the use of the main hall for example: often what is intended as provided the pupils with a great experience turns into being far from that for you. So as I don't get paid any extra to do the extra involved, I don't. Do remember that anything extra curricular is voluntary, and if it compromises your main day of teaching or indeed your work life balance, then in essence, there is no need.
  4. I try to do as little as possible. I used to go mad for every show and every assessed piece I did but soon found I had little time for me and for my life and partner. I hate that kids need their hands holding so much and even when I put a show on they had to be chased up.
    Just remember its a job you don't have to do any extra if you don't want to
  5. Just read op again and realised I hadn't answered all your points, sorry hun. Yes it did cause a lot of tension between me and hubby. That's probably another reason I cut back.
  6. Thanks for your responses. I'm feeling less is more at this point for my sanity and the rest of my life!

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