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Discussion in 'Music' started by ethnic, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hello

    I am not teaching at the moment and have been out of the loop for almost 18 months. Am having lots of interviews though I am pleased to say. I just wondered if anyone has yet experienced these 'hubs' in local authorities? Are they going to be put in place this September? Also do people think this could have a positive impact on building extra-curricular? What do people think? Also I was wondering. Has anyone has had any experience of the American beginner band program? What do people think about this program? It appears that there is some crossover with the government's proposal of giving every child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.


  2. All local authority music provision will be provided by "Music hubs" in the future. As far as I can see this boils down to a different way of funding such provision by the government (saving money as a by product)- they have a pot/s of money and organisations within local authorities, or even spanning local authorities can bid for this money in order to deliver a range of music services.
    The old style of music service has gone, however in most cases it seems that the old music services are the lead organisations in the bidding. There is pressure for them to work with partner organisations, other arts provision organisation such as local orchestras, companies that deliver niche projects etc. in order to deliver music services that will be accessed by the widest range of people, including adults, disabled people, minorities etc.
    Music hubs will be in place in September. The bidding process has just finished.
    I've not used the Band beginner programme as I am allergic to most things educational and American.

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