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Extension for Probationary Period

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by mcelini, May 6, 2011.

  1. I am currently doing my probationary year and I have had 2 causes for concern. I have been told I will have to do an extension but I don't know what this involves. I have even been told by my head that I will pass if I keep working hard but I don't really believe him.....I also wanted to know if anyone knows if its against any rule to only get 3 hours notice for an observation as this has happened a couple of times to me but I've been too worried to say no incase I look unprofessional. I have been really worried all year because nothing has gone very smoothly. Can anyone help please???
    Thanks in advance![​IMG]
  2. There are rules about failing induction students - the union will be able to ensure you are supported and that the school follows the rules. They act as advocates for you. They are there to support you and the school cannot fail you just for speaking to the Union. I know you are aprehensive but it is the only way to go. Ring the local representative if you don't want to speak to the one in school. You are not the first in this position and they are used to supporting people like you
    Good luck

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