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Extending the morning

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by CathGP, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I need advice. We have just been told that we will be working an extra 15 minutes on the morning (taking 15 minutes off our dinner hour) to deliver intervention schemes and that we will just have to take the '15 minutes' at the end of the day. Is this allowed? I dont get paid for my breaks and dinner so how can they just do this? Surely this has implications for the children in the intervention schemes who will have to have their dinner 15 minutes later than everyone else. The extra 15 minutes will only apply to TAs working in KS2, so the TAs working in KS1 will be allowed to have dinner at 12 till 1 while we at KS2 only get 45 minutes. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Our TAs (and teachers) in KS2 always work 15 minutes longer than those in KS1 because of the school timings but this is reflected in their contracted hours. How many hours are you contracted for?
    I'm a little confused with your scenario. Are the intervention programmes being run within the normal timetable or are the children being asked to stay in for 15 extra minutes at lunch to do them then?
  3. Are you saying that you are being asked to give up fifteen minutes of your lunch hour and will be allowed to finish fifteen minutes early?
    Do you have a decent length lunch hour-could you afford to give up some of your lunchtime?
    TAs at our school are expected to show a degree of flexibility in order to fit in with the timetable. I suppose it depends upon your contract but if you are contracted for a certain number of hours like most TAs I assume you need to fit in to a certain extent with the school day at your school.
    I am not however an expert on TA pay and conditions.
    If you are being asked to work unpaid or to have an unreasonably short lunch break that might be deemed unreasonable but at our school TAs are asked to change their work hours to fit in with the needs of the school.
  4. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    What do you mean 'at the end of the day'? Will you get to finish 15 mnutes earlier?

    To be honest-45 minutes is a reasonable lunch break. We (the teachers) get 45 minutes at my school and the LSAs have 30.
  5. Ditto at my school 30 minutes for TAs (if you don't have a meeting, first aid emergency etc and then it is a case of throwing your lunch down your throat at 90 miles an hour).
  6. I am contracted to work 30 hours (from 8.30 - 3.30) but have to start at 8.15 because we do not get paid for breaks or dinner. The children will be asked to stay an extra 15 minutes to do an intervention therefore have only 45 minutes for lunch.
  7. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I don't know of any TA, STA or HLTA that does get paid for their lunch break and I think you are only entitled 30 minutes after working 4 hours so yes they are well within their rights to ask you to do this.I rarely get time for a 30 minute lunch as I have meetings, children to medicate, marking and prep to do.That is partly my choice and I know a lot of TAs who do stop at 12.If you don't agree with it then you will have to say you are unwilling but I agree our job is one of flexibilty and if you are contracted to work 30hours then I personally don't think you have a leg to stand on.
  8. Its not really the 45 minute dinner that bothers me it's the expectation of having to work an extra 15 minutes. I know they said that we can take it back at the end of the day (So I would finish at 3.15) but I do after-school clubs (which I dont get paid for) and I am not likely to say "Oh its 3.15 Im finished now" and then go home because my after school club starts at 3.30!!
  9. Can anyone tell me how long the children are entitled for lunch? Can the school day be any length ? This effectively means that some children are working 15 minutes extra a day! Please advise.
  10. You say at your school TAs are expected to change their hours to fit in with the needs of the school, but does that mean they still only do their contracted hours or have to work unpaid. We were told by our HT that we cannot have flexible hours, so obviously that work both ways doesnt it?
  11. Do you do after school clubs every day? If not could could you perhaps finish at 3.10ish on the days that you don't have after school clubs? If you are doing more than one after school activity unpaid then I would perhaps be thinking of cutting back on them or asking the Head for a bit of flexibility on hours.
    Our Head really gets cross if she thinks people are clock watching. Her view is that she is flexible (allowing people time off if they need it for child care issues or other unavoidable stuff. In return we are expected to be somewhat flexible with our time. It varies within our school some TAs take lots of time off but are reluctant to give time back in return (helping at school concerts/fetes etc) whilst others rarely take additional time off but work lots of extra hours. All TAs are however expected to accept the set hours that they are offered. Lots of our TAs hours have changed between afternoons, mornings, half days, full days etc.
    It's a funny old job because TAs are paid hourly but we work amongst teachers who have to work longer more flexible hours and I guess the expectation whilst unspoken is often there and TAs feel they have to put in additional hours and hours that generally fit in somewhere around the school day.
    You cannot be compelled to work additional hours but I would be surprised if your contract states set hours. My contract specifies a certain number of hours and I have always been under the impression that my working day is directed by the Head.

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