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extending induction

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by eddie666, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. I am approaching the end of the NQT year and the school have told me they will not recommend me further since I wont pass the induction year. It has been a straight 3 term year since September. I have struggled with behaviour issues and classroom management.
    Im struggling to find the information I need. I thought that I had 16 months to pass my induction year. But now Im not so sure.
    How long do I have to complete the Induction?
    Can I apply for another NQT position for next September and try again?
    Can I extend my induction period for another term? - perhaps in a different school?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I am approaching the end of the NQT year and the school have told me they will not recommend me further since I wont pass the induction year. It has been a straight 3 term year since September. I have struggled with behaviour issues and classroom management.
    Im struggling to find the information I need. I thought that I had 16 months to pass my induction year. But now Im not so sure.
    How long do I have to complete the Induction?
    Can I apply for another NQT position for next September and try again?
    Can I extend my induction period for another term? - perhaps in a different school?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Are they failing you are are you securing early rlease? Has the propper support been put in place? Has the LA been involved? How about the union?
    If you have secured early release then you just need to complete 1 term in a new school. x
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 month limit is for non-Induction supply teaching!
    The Induction period is 3 terms, either all together at one school or separate terms (with gaps between possible) in different schools.
    If you fail Induction at the end of term 3 of Induction, that's it for teaching in the State 5-16 sector. No State 5-16 school will ever be able to employ you as a teacher ever agai! You retain QTS as you achieved that after your successful training but can only be a teacher in the Private sectoror the State Post 16 sector.
    You cannot re-train after failing Induction as you have already had a successful training with QTS.
    The only way to salvage your career in teaching is to get Union involvement to secure an early realease from your contract BEFORE the school can make a Fail verdict on your final Induction term. If the term is not complted, you will leave with 2 completed terms of Induction and will be free to start the final term again elsewhere.
    Leaving early means pay stopping from the leaving date (so no pay for July, or part of July, and no 6 weeks summer holiday pay).
    It's a huge risk to continue and get a Failed Induction as the only recourse is an appeal against the decision and for that to be successful you have to be able to prove that your Induction was not conducted properly by the school. If you can do that, a successful appeal might cancel one or more of your Induction terms and require you potentially to start again on Induction.
    Has the school followed Induction regulations (observations, mentor meetings, support for identified weaknesses etc)? Has the school brought int he LA advisor to observe you?

  5. thanks so much for these answers. The school has supported me in these things but for various reasons my classroom management has been poor so I havent been able to reach other standards.
    These are a great help. Thank you.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    In that case, you really need to get an early release or they will record you as not meeting the standards at the end of Induction and your career is over.
    Is is a particualarly challenging school? You may want to work as a supply teacher for a time (short term) in order to experience a range of schools and find the type that suits you best. HYYou might then get a placement of a term's length that allows you to complete Induction.
    You can be employed in State schools on temporary teaching, that is not inductable , for 16 months initially, counting on from the first day of supply work. You may manage to complete Induction before the 16 month allowance period expires.
  7. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    This is correct.
    Your induction can only be extended if there is some procedural fault with the way the school have attempted to support you, etc.
    Assuming that's all OK (and it sounds like it is), if you complete this term that's it, you have failed for ever.
    You must leave ASAP - I believe the term is "cancelled" if you miss a certain number of days which I have to say I believed was 30. So if it's not already too late, it will be any day now!
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I hope you're in a Union. Otherwise, you need to see the Head and arrange an early release yourself IF the school is adamant that you are not going to pass Induction in a few weeks.
  9. Hi
    Do contact your union for specific help and advice.
    If this is the first you knew about possibly not being recommended for a pass then the school is not acting correctly and according to the statutory guidance.
    The information and help you need is in the guidance.
    In short:
    Problems should be identified as soon as possible and should not come as a surpise late in the induction year. Any judgement that you are not making satisfactory progress or that you may not be recommended for a pass must be backed by a HT observation and the LA should be brought into the process as soon as possible. There should be a support plan in place and release for extra training if necessary (e.g. behaviour management training) and you should have been set targets with clear success criteria so that you, the mentor and the head know if you have or have not met the targets.
    The headtyeacher cannot extend induction - only the LA can extend induction and only then after a fail is recorded and you have appealed that fail and they accept the appeal - then they can extend induction by one, two or even, exceptionally, three terms.
    If your appeal is unsuccessful then you would be barred from teaching. Some NQTs do ask for early release and then a repeat of the final term. This should always be negotiated by your union so that you have an agreed leaving reference and a negotiated end date.
    The NQT statutory guidance can be found and downloaded here:
    Read this carefully and make sure that you have done what you should and that the school has done what it should during the NQT year.
  10. Just to say you are not alone. my union just negotiated an early release for me. I have completed 2 terms and been released for my 3rd to find a more suitable, supportive employer.

    Good Luck.
  11. Charlington

    Charlington New commenter

    If someone has been supported in their work, and has said as much, but are still failing, then why should they get an early release? Maybe they are just not cut out for teaching?

    I read a lot of posts in this forum, and I am not making sniping comments at any one person, but a lot of NQTs seem to be whinging about not passing the third term, or not being recommended to pass.

    I have completed 2 terms of induction on supply at the same school, and even though I have not had all the NQT time I am entitled to, nor have I had a subject mentor, I have got on with, asked for help (if I have needed it), and have passed these two terms.

    It seems to me that with so many new teachers being trained and not being able to get jobs, people who are not cut out for the profession shouldn't be enabled to stay in it.
  12. Charlington

    Charlington New commenter

    There were paragraphs in there, I swear. Safari has stolen them.
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    1) The Heads where the NQT is deemed to be failing are quite hapy for the teacher to leave early. Apart from anything else they save money through not having to pay the rest of the term and what is usually the summer holiday pay. I wouldn't put it past some Heads to have the budget savings at the forefront of their mind when deciding thet the NQT is not meeting the standards.
    2) The support offered in schools varies enormously. Also some schools seem to have an Induction-lite policy which involves virtually rubber-stamping every NQT, whereas others are far too stringent and decide to apply OFSTED standards for Good or very Good instead of the Induction standards.
    3) Some schools are very challenging and don't have adequate policies (or don't apply them properly) and NQTs are often ona losing wicket from the start.
    4) Some NQTs get nothing but bottom sets, with a few middling ones, and are virtually set up to fail on class management. Failing an NQT for difficulties with a group that virtually all the staff have trouble with is unfair.
    5) You could pass Induction easily in a high-achieving, leafy suburb school and be completely unable to teach in an inner-city school.
    The early release allows the NQT to find the type of school where they will get the support they need or the type of classes where they are able to teach effectively.
    There are many NQTs on here who have succesfully negotiated the first 2 terms at one school and then come unstuck at another. Who's to say which school got it right in assessing the NQT?
    My last long-term post (years after my Induction) was at a school that had a great sanctions policy. Once the pupil had used up their warnings per class, they were to be sent to a supervised exclusion room for the remainder of that lesson. On HOD instructions, I followed the discipline policy and didn't allow pupils to stay to disrupt an entire lesson. The HOD would praise me for keeping records of sanctions issued (for report purposes), which my predecessor couldn't manage.
    What I didn't know was that the school was trying to impress the school improvement partner by using Exclusion Room figures to show how behaviour was improving. Many teachers in the know stopped sending pupils out except for outrageous behaviour . My use of the Exclusion Room, which didn't inconvenience anyone as a teacher was always timetabled to be there, was flagged up as being my weakness in class management (not that anyone had observed my lessons as a supply teacher). Politics in a school can be a savage beast.
  14. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I hope you don't have that attitude with the kids you teach charlington otherwise it's certainly not others who aren't cut out for the profession.
  15. Charlington

    Charlington New commenter

    Do you think heads would really be that bothered about saving just a couple of thousands of pounds to get rd of a teacher two or three months before the end of the year?

    My main point was that the OP had said that they had been supported, but were still failing, despite this.

    Like I said, I wasn't being snarky, or mean, just stating my opinion.

    With regards to the 'rubber-stamping' on NQTs, or some schools not carrying out induction correctly, surely then the LA should be more involved, carrying out more rigorous checks on the schools and induction mentors?!

    With regards to your last point, it seems like you were wrongly done by ... If your HoD is saying you are recording things well and using the sanctions policy well, then you were definitely doing things right.

    As for politics in school being a savage beast, it's no better in other industries. Office politics seems to out wherever you are ...
  16. Charlington

    Charlington New commenter

    What attitude? Like I said, it's just my opinion. There is no shame in not being right for something. Surely if something's not working out, better to try something else in a different field? Rather than upsetting yourself and getting stressed that you can't do the job you're doing at the moment.
  17. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Charlington, the LA usually only get involved in seeing the NQT teach if the school flag them up as having problems. If they rubber-stamp the Induction, the paperwork just goes through and is accepted as evidence of a properly conducted Induction programme.
  18. Charlington

    Charlington New commenter

    That kind of evidences my point ... If the LA were more involved along the way, maybe joining an observed lesson / meeting with the NQT then the NQT would have chance to flag up things that were not going well in the induction process, rather than things reaching a head in the final term?
  19. Like children, sometimes adults can be slow learners. I had a slow start to the year. I've never been unsatisfactory, but I have been bland, not always adept at what I'm doing. I'm in the last few weeks and it's like all of a sudden my mind has opened. I realise what I can do. I have exciting plans for next year. Concrete structures. I've started reorganising my room to improve my lessons.

    And yet, I might be banned for life. Why assume that if you can't do something in one year, you might never be able to do it? One year is an awfully short time. It took me longer than that to learn to drive, four failed tests, and yet a year later I could probably give Jenson Button a run for his money in terms of speed and accuracy on the road.

    And why, when it comes to it, are NQTs the ones who bear the brunt of this? It's the same with driving. Why are new people penalised for being a bit average, yet old teachers are allowed to be as poor as they like. Surely it should be worse to be a dodgy experienced teacher than a dodgy new teacher.
  20. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I have to say my LA advisor was AWFUL, she came in and the first words she said were 'you need to quit.' If I hadn't have been so upset I'd have punched her (well at least wanted to...).
    And all because I couldn't get on with my HoD, ('Professional Relationships with Colleagues' despite getting on brilliantly with 95%+ of the staff) in fact - because she couldn't get on with me. I bent over backwards to try and please her.
    I'm actually in a shocking mood today generally and its days like this I still feel really angry about the whole situation.

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