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extended stories, significant authors?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by triathlete, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I was wondering about the Katie Morag stories to tie in with geography this term. I'm not sure how long the stories have to be, or is it sufficient that there are a lot of stories that can be read as a serial?

    Otherwise what about Dick King Smith. We've just read the Hodgeheg (sic) and my Y1/2 have loved it.
  2. Was just thinking about this myself. 100 literacy hour plans look ok but not really sure.ideas would be greatly appreciated
  3. I am just starting this topic after the hols but using Alan Ahlberg. If you decide to use them we could share planning?
  4. What were you going to use, Burglar Bill? I don't know many of his. Am off to the library now so might see what there is. Will share planning if I decide to use them, am just out of NQT though so can't vouch for quality!
  5. Ar great, no don't worry I'm on final PGCE placement block so can't promise anything either. There are loads of his books as I remember a teacher using him when I worked as a TA in yr2. I haven't had any choice as the teacher told me to use him, just hope I can come up with some creative ideas.
  6. kingy7

    kingy7 New commenter

    Julia Donaldson.. The Gruffalo etc...
    There are some great plans on the resource bank that could be adapted accordingly! Hope this is of some help. K :eek:))

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