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Extended Stories/Significant Authors Year 2 Roald Dahl

Discussion in 'Primary' started by surviving, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. The magic finger. Good for Yr 2. Or Esio Trot?
  2. We've been reading some other stories and done a little about Roald Dahl but The Twits is the main focus so I need to do lessons on this. Thanks for your suggestions though!
  3. What objectives are you covering?
  4. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    Did you not plan it as a whole sequence of work? This might be why you've ground to a halt. What was the intended learning outcome for the sequence? Which objectives are you covering? What do your class/guided groups need to improve on? What is the curricular target for the year group? Once you look at these you'll be able to tailor your activities to meet the needs of the students.
  5. I have used the learning objectives from the National Strategies for this unit of work. These are:
    -Respond to presentations by describing characters, repeating some highlight and commenting constructively.
    -Present part of traditional stories, their own stories or work drawn from different parts of the curriculum for members of their own class.
    -Give some reasons why things happen or characters change.
    -Engage with books through exploring and enacting interpretations.
    -Sustain form in narrative, including use of person and time.
    -Select from different presentational features to suit particular writing purposes on paper and on screen. Use appropriate language to make sections hang together.
    -Compose sentences using tense consistently (present and past).
    I did plan it as a whole sequence of work but now I've actually started teaching it I've realised I haven't quite pitched it right for the class (majority high achieving children). As for targets/what the class need to improve on they have their own individual targets set by the usual teacher but these are completely different for each child. What do you mean by a curricular target for the year group? I'm not aware of one but thought I'd better check what you mean by this before I answer.
    Many thanks!
  6. Hi emma, i'm in my final placement too, and am also doing this unit. I have had the children invent a new character for the twits family, and compare the twits to the enormous crocodile. I got them to write a book review and choose their favourite story out of two roald dahl stories and explain why they liked it best. We have written a list of roald dahl wow words and I am trying to encourage them to use them in their writing. I am currently planning reading 'the snatch' chapter from the BFG and getting them to write a diary extract for Sophie on the night she was taken.I like how you did hot seating, how did that work? DId they work in groups? x
  7. Hello sorry, I've only just read those posts. I have got them to do the hotseating as a whole class and then in groups at their tables. One person as Mr or Mrs Twit and the other children asking them questions, it does take a bit of practice to get them beyond closed questions/answers though (just something to be aware of) and they do really seem to enjoy it. I like the idea of inventing a new character for 'The Twits' and the idea of the diary for Sophie from the BFG, I did something similar with the children writing police statements for 'The Four Sticky Little Boys' chapter and they did a great job of those. I hadn't planned to do work on any other stories than the Twits. We have read other stories and watched the BFG film during recent wet playtimes but we haven't actually done any work on them, so may have to add this into my planning for the next few weeks.
    Many thanks for your suggestions and ideas! x

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