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Expo Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by joannebutler, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. henriette

    henriette New commenter


    this lot is free - go and buy the rest!!!!!!
  2. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    You echoed my thoughts exactly - I was getting annoyed with this as well.[​IMG]
  3. mpc


    [​IMG] Ditto - I thought it was just me being a grump!
    SOW take time to write and, as you say Henriette, I don't mind sharing stuff but there is a limit. As others have suggested in the past, if you are happy to share stuff, perhaps it could be uploaded to the resource bank. That said, many don't feedback on even very popular resources which have obviously taken a long time to create. OK, some resources might not be perfect but they've probably saved us time/inspired us all at some time.
    The request for the assessment resource pack was almost 'Un kilo de chansons' -esque!!
    Rant over - time for my Apprentice therapy....[​IMG]
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    How are you Salsera?

    Ready for the walk yet?
  5. Another request for Schemes of Work for Expo Rouge 1 - 3 and Mira Rojo 1 - 3. Most grateful for any help.
  6. Just read the rants above. I am always happy to contribute anything anyone needs. I am certainly not looking to freeload.
  7. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    follow the link,themanhowasntthere - it's all there!
  8. Hi
    Just trying to pull together schemes of work. Would you mind sending me a copy of schemes expo 1-3 and mira 1 please? I'd be happy to share any of my resources and schemes with you. Just let me know.
    my email: hansraj.sabreena@gmail.com
  9. I think this is hilarious!

    Why shouldn't people ask for things? If you dont want to give it, dont bother.
    All the self-righteous puffing and blowing by the likes of Geekie and Henriette...(Do please stop that annoying thing of putting things in BOLD and <u>underlining</u> to emphasise your point. We all get it. You are annoyed. Get over it.)
    Someone called Geekie the 'head-prefect', which sums the moaners up nicely. Tee hee!
  10. Before anyone starts bleating, the head prefect comment is on another thread (started by Geekie) but it is relevant here.
    The point is, if you don't want to give things to people, don't bother reading through the threads!

  11. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    I would have thought the point is if it there free on the website , which the Expo SOWs are, then just log on and download for yourself without asking others. The chances are if others have customised their SOWs from Expo you would have to adapt them again to suit your time allocation etc so why not just adapt what is free on the website already?
  12. Hey, I am also starting the Expo series in September. Can I please have SOWs for Expo 1,2,3,4 please. Thanks.
  13. ojala

    ojala New commenter

    This thread started and the schemes of work were shared in 2007. You've arrived at the party a bit late, aviej. Have you downloaded them from Heinemann???
  14. ojala

    ojala New commenter

    What other ancient threads can we dig up?
    I have a yearning for a kilo of songs.......
  15. hi. if you're considering Expo, have a look at Studio first, also by Heinemann. Just adopted it for year 7 and the Active teach is really good with everything you need
  16. DDJ


    Hi Sharon,
    Would it be possible to send me a copy of your Scheme of work for Expo 1, 2 and 3, if you still have them available? (I am mainly using Expo VERT, but would be interested to see the ROUGE SOW as well if you had it easily accessible.)
    I would be very grateful and my email address is:
  17. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

  18. Hello

    I would be ever so grateful too email is songilet@aol.com. And any of you guys using mira 1 too thanks a lot in advance
  19. Any chance that anybody could provide me with Expo 1,2 or 3 Schemes of work?

    t.bonetti@stgeorgesschool.de en vous remerciant ! :)

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