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Expo Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by joannebutler, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. I'd really appreciate SoW for expo 1 too, if it's not being too cheeky. meme12340@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  2. dalej, dominiques2 and meme2, you have mail.

    jimois and adabindi, which book(s) do you need them for?
  3. That was quick! Thanks a lot Sharon - looks great.
  4. slick

    slick New commenter

    I would alos be grateful for a copy of your schemes of work. Expo 1, 2 (vert and rouge) and Expo 3 (vert and rouge).
    In gratitude
  5. May I kindly ask for copies for Books 1-3 (Rouge)

    Thank you very much.

  6. Slick and Ayden, you have mail.
  7. I'd like to join the round robin on Expo which by the way I love! Any chance of a look at SOW for 1,2,3
    Cheeky I know but hey!!
  8. I need an email address, Sheila. Remember to put a full stop or smething on the end so it doesn't get taken over by the spammers.
  9. You have mail, lorraineg.
  10. hi there Sharon, would you mind sending me the SOW for expo 1, 2 and 3 please? merci d'avance.
  11. Zarzouille, you have mail.
  12. if you can bear to send it to one more person I'd be very grateful!


    thank you very much.
  13. No problems, Coolas.
  14. Please could I have copy of SOW's pls? (Expo 1-4)

    Many thanks
  15. Hi - sorry to be a pain, please could you send me the Expo1-3 SOWs again - I entered the address wrongly - should be


    Many thanks
  16. Could I also have a copy of the SOW for expo 1 + 2 +3. I would be so grateful. Thank you so much. bene103@hotmail.com

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