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Exploring the theme OPENINGS in KS4

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by jjat, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I am subsitute teacher (recent PGCE graduate) and have been given my first class group and the
    students current theme is OPENINGS with a Yr 10 Art GCSE. The students
    current topic is ‘Openings’. So as not to disturb the students week to
    week curriculum.
    I have to introduce a 3Omin lesson on the theme
    OPENINGS. I will show a quick ppt on the idea of mindmapping and brainstorming but from there onwards what activity will be a nice break in for the class to explore Openings

    Does anyone have any major ideas what area to explore in the word OPENINGS....eg opening of shops/galleries/...looking at the word and its
    process... cracks/holes/open spaces...interiors/exteriors...the
    outsoors...seasons...day and night...sky and sea...any ideas ??
    Thank you for your time and any ideas for a new teacher!
  2. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    A nice first drawing activity could be a series of studies from a box being gradually torn open. You could time each drawing, then get them to tear round a bit more of the box?... overlap the drawings... some quick ones (5-10 mins) could be just line, other (20-30 mins) could involve shading.
    Or you could do the same sort of thing, but unpeeling an orange?
    Or last year our GCSE lot did some great graphite drawings from photos of the insides of their mouths. (Not one of ours, but found something vaguely similar here http://holliiepop-0x.deviantart.com/art/Inside-of-mouth-2-189400771)
    Why not set a photography task for homework - taking images down through bottles, through gaps in doors/ keyholes/ cupboards, peering into bags....
    See what the students come up with!
    Good luck!

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