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Explorers WOW Day!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by EBF, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. EBF

    EBF New commenter

    Hello. I am a Year One Teacher trying not to do too much over the holidays but one thing I am starting to think about is a WOW day for the first week back to school - thankfully not the first day.

    I have been scanning the internet and trying to think of some exciting ideas but I am struggling to get an idea that really blows me away. I want to do a lot of child-led activities as it is the start of the year and they have just come from reception. Any ideas, big or small will be most welcomed.
  2. catherinebest

    catherinebest New commenter

    We have a celebration explorers day with all three ks1 classes. We mix the children up and they do different activities with the different teachers.
    We made an art explorer ship. Background was different shades of blue tussue paper - drew and cut out a ship to stick on using brown paper and draw lines. Children cut their own boats. Then thick tracing paper to create the sails - 3-d.
    A map to place explorers onto a continent/country and matched to the foods found in that country.
    Cooked with those foods.

    Other ideas were a treasure map - use an old teabag to create an old look.

    I've used a plate before now cut out the inner circle and make it into a port hole. Cellophane and hang fish.

    Treasure hunt with clues.

    Message in a bottle.

    Timeline of explorers.

    It will all depend on how many adults you have.
  3. catherinebest

    catherinebest New commenter

    Oh and dress up as explorers !
  4. JumpStartDance

    JumpStartDance New commenter

    I had lots of fun with year 2 and Explorers. We did different dances based on 3 different explorers...

    - Neil Armstrong. We got in our space rockets, blasted off and created an adventure on the moon.

    - Amelia Earhart. We traveled around the room trying different ways to fall, float and loop the loop.

    - Robert Falcon Scott. We created simple maps using compass points and then used them to move around like polar explorers.

    Hope that helps x
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Can't do any better than these! I want to go to @catherinebest 's school. :)

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