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Explaining Phonics to parents with limited English

Discussion in 'English' started by oc2009, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I am delivering a practical session for a small group of parents at KS1.
    Some of the parents have limited English and also some are unable to read English. However, others have a relatively good command of English.
    It would be so helpful if anyone could suggest a practical approach I could take.
    I need to touch on phonemes/graphemes/digraphs for some but also ensure that I do not exclude others.
    Any suggesions?
  2. Well I am not sure about the technology but you can give your seminar by using a translation software, in which you will deliver your lecture in english only and the other user can hear it in his own choice of language. May be this will help you out..:)
  3. Have you thought of using an Alphabetic Code Chart to show the rationale of sounds to spellings?
    There are a number of free ones available to download.
    A generic one which includes information about the synthetic phonics teaching principles is available as one I designed for student teachers on the free resource page of Phonics International.
    The best thing is simply to use the actual materials that you use with the children themselves and get the parents to go through the routines.
    If you email me, I've also just put together three posters with descriptions of the phonics routines and sub-skills. These may not be of direct help for the event, but may give you some ideas for literature for your own selected phonics programme.
    I'm at debbie@phonicsinternational.com

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