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Experienced teacher moving to Scotland, Pay scale question

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by durianm, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. durianm

    durianm New commenter


    I am an experienced English teacher in Spain and am moving to Aberdeen because of family ties.
    I would like to teach Spanish here and GTCS has awarded me a full registration in TESOL and a provisional registration in Spanish (as a second subject area). I need to do 135 days FTE in order to fulfil the professional registration in Spanish.
    I found the pay scale from this website http://www.eis.org.uk/Pay_and_Conditions_of_Service/salary_scales.htm , but I am wondering if I will only be paid from point 0 (that would be quite a severe salary cut!), or will the school also counts my experience in Spain. Any ideas?
    Another question I have is whether to how to find a teaching position. Apart from responding to job ads, do you think I can write a self-recommendation letter to private schools and the Aberdeen Council (for state schools)? Is this a common practice here?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. ardglassie

    ardglassie New commenter

    I had a similar situation in that I had to do 135 days probation as I gained my PGCE in England and it was in Further Education and I wanted to move to secondary in Scotland. I am a maths teacher. Sadly I was paid at the bottom of the scale until I successfully completed 135 days to gain Full Registration. After that I was put on the top of the scale due to my teaching experience in England!

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