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Experienced English teacher with PGCE - is a CELTA required?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Rachi333, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Rachi333

    Rachi333 New commenter

    Hi everyone

    Looking for a bit of advice. Not sure I'm necessarily posting this in the right section of the forum, but there you go!

    I am a fully qualified secondary school English teacher, with a PGCE and qualified teacher status. I am currently teaching in a British International School in the United Arab Emirates. The school teaches the British curriculum, so I'm teaching the same here as I would be in the UK. However, I am not only teaching the English first language GCSE, as is taught in all schools across the UK, but also the English as a Second Language GCSE

    In the time that I've been abroad, I've come to really enjoy teaching the second language side of things. My degree is in English language, rather than literature, and I've always loved the actual language side of English. I'm planning on coming back to the UK at the end of this school year, and because of the enjoyment I've gotten out of teaching second language, I would like to continue to do this when I return home, teaching English as a second/foreign language to either children or adults, rather than going back to teaching English in a secondary school.

    A colleague had mentioned the CELTA course to me, which I have researched online. However, after having looked up some of the details of the course, I'm not sure that this course is suitable for me. One of the local language schools in my area in the UK state on their website that CELTA is an introductory course, designed for candidates with little or no previous English Language TEFL teaching experience. As I am already a fully qualified English teacher, and have experience teaching English as a second language, as well as experience teaching in an international school, I'm not entirely sure if the course would be necessary. On top of that, it is also obviously a course you have to pay for, so I don't want to spend the money to then find out that I didn't need to.

    Essentially, my issue is, I would like to teach English as a second/foreign language, but I don't have any specific qualifications in this. I have an English language degree, a PGCE in English and qualified teacher status, and I have experience teaching ESL at GCSE level to secondary school students in an international school. So my question is, would these be enough to be able to get a job teaching ESL/EFL? Or would I need to have a specific ESL/EFL qualification, such as CELTA?

    I have scoured the net for answers and have come up short. I was wondering if there's anyone here who has been in a similar situation to mine, or has worked in the EFL/ESL field in the UK and knows what the requirements are, and whether my current qualifications/experience is enough, or if I would still require a CELTA.

  2. Eflmeister

    Eflmeister Occasional commenter

    I did mine in reverse - Celta then PGCE later but I’ve found that it depends on the school/academy. A very good friend of mine was a teacher with PGCE for years but still some ridiculous places said that it didn’t count and she needed a Celta. She got it just to be sure, but where she works at the mo it wouldn’t have been necessary. She also found it insanely easy and passed with the top grade possible (obviously). Clearly a PGCE in English with an English language degree and tons of experience trumps a Celta, but in the world of EFL there are some often odd requirements for things and some places ignore anything but the standard Celta/Delta etc. Ridiculous but you have to play the game.
  3. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    CELTA and teaching English as a second language takes a whole different ball game. I got a CELTA and taught in a language school....I had a BA in English but my English education did not in anyway qualify me for teaching EFL...THEN I got a PGCE in English and taught in mainstream schools....I don't use my CELTA skills at all with English in mainstream school and I don't use my PGCE training at all teaching EFL....Not sure how anyone found CELTA insanely easy...we had grown men crying in my training which was full on and intense .

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