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Experience of working in UAE- advice please

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cjf10, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. cjf10

    cjf10 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I want to hear about experiences of the application process for teaching in private schools in UAE (more specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi and in Primary).

    I have applied for many roles and heard absolutely nothing. Feeling really fed up/frustrated/confused! Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong or if there's anything else I can be doing.

    I realise without knowing more about my experience/seeing my CV etc it's hard to diagnose so I'm just after general comments/advice! As well as sharing your experiences of the application process, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences of actually working over in the UAE too.

    Thank you in advance and happy Friday!
  2. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I'm not sure I can offer any advice, but my experience (a few years ago now) was pretty straightforward. I wasn't looking to leave but a recruiter contacted me about a job with the ADEK/MoE here. Their call came at the end of a very tough Friday, I wasn't enjoying my UK job and was considering leaving teaching to go back to my previous career. I did the MoE interview and while waiting to here the recruiter said they had another position with a better salary (and better working environment) so I applied, interviewed in London and got an offer very quickly.

    i teach an unfashionable subject in a secondary school, but I do see many adverts for primary positions so there are jobs out there. I don't think I have any advice to give regarding what you might be doing wrong as I basically got lucky, but maybe try applying via an agency who might (or might not) be able/willing to give you advice on your application.

    I like life here, it's not perfect, and I'm not sure I would recommend my school to others, but I really enjoy my job and it suits me. I'm doing fairly well financially, especially as I opted for a housing allowance which is the same as it's always been but my rent has dropped 30,000AED since I've been here - which is an extra £6k(ish) a year for me. Life generally is pretty easy, with interesting travel opportunities, plenty to do outside of work - even if you're not in to the 'reality TV star' lifestyle that a lot of people seem to want. It can be tough to meet people at first but if you put yourself out there and make an effort it's definitely possible. I think ultimately how much you enjoy it depends on where you work - in a reasonable work environment with decent colleagues you'll have a good time, but there are many schools that don't offer that.
  3. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Rather difficult to speculate without knowing what you look like on paper... some of the most prestigious schools do get 80+ applications - and that often means just a little error/something they don’t like gets it thrown out at the long listing stage.
    My advice is to keep plugging away - getting shortlisted to interview is a bit of luck sometimes, so keep rolling the dice; and maybe see if you can get someone to look over an application with critical eyes.

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