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Experience of supply teaching/agencies in Northants, Beds, Warks, Bucks, Herts

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by amicalola, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I am moving during the summer (not sure exactly where yet) and wondered if anyone out there would like to share their experiences of different supply agencies in any of the above areas. I haven't done supply work before so am keen to find a reputable agency that will be able to provide work (KS2). Have you been able to secure regular supply? Do you go to the same schools regularly or different ones? Any supply teaching tips for a novice?
  2. Which area in particular in Cambridgeshire?
  3. Have sent you a message.
  4. There's a good agency that I have used in Herts. Seem to have a lot of KS2 work around. I'll message you their name
  5. Thanks ChrisTuff and Sadandconfused. You have mail :)
  6. Beds uses an agency that is run by the local authority and pays to scale. So if you can get on with them you'll be properly paid. HOWEVER, despite applying to them early last summer I din't get an interview date until NOvember and that was then cancelled as they said they had too many supply teachers. My theory is that they only took on NQTs as they were cheaper than experienced staff, this may or may not be true. I am in Milton Keynes and have plenty of work but not a great rate of pay.
  7. Roseangel, are you registered with a supply agency in Milton Keynes? You could be right about the NQTs because Luton does seem to encourage them.
  8. Yes I am with Supply Teaching Ltd. They have given me plenty of work. In fact I had a one term contract last term and another (in a different school) next term. But in the autumn term I also had plenty of daily placements. I am prepared to teach across the whole primary range though so I expect thet helps. But the pay is not great.
  9. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    For Northants, I suggest you do the following:
    Apply to agencies first. Simply Education and Tap Teachers. They tend to get staff into schools fast. This is NOT to scale.
    Apply to the local authority at the same time and wait months for a reply. Then you are interviewed and placed on the supply list. Then you have to get your CV / details out to schools.
  10. How much work is there with Simply and Tap at the moment?
  11. dc521 - Thanks for the info. I think I'll leave the local authority as a last resort!

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply.

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