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Experience of Interviewing with Ministry of Education, UAE - Computer Science Graduate

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sv591, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. shaguftasiddiqua99

    shaguftasiddiqua99 New commenter

    Please tell me have u taken your IELTS test before interview.
  2. dr_rjmanoj

    dr_rjmanoj New commenter

    No... i asked them.
    They told me you can take your IELTS after the 6 months of joining....

  3. hi...how was ur interview...i also have interview next week.pls pm my watsap +96871971518
  4. anybody pls help me ...what are the questions asked in multiple choice questions and interview for computer science Design and technology teacher post of UAE gov: schools?
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  5. Hi..i have interview this week. Pls help me what types of questions asked for computer science?
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
  6. kamuoriginals

    kamuoriginals New commenter

    I attended interview for computer science in Delhi. It was tough. They shortlisted 20 people out of 200 people for second round. The mcq was tough according to me. They asked subnet mask, ip config all in depth of subject. Money wasted since I went from Dubai to Delhi. I felt I should not have been called for.
  7. manu_arrower

    manu_arrower New commenter

    Hi...I attend the written exam on 1st april (physics) held at Mumbai and cleared it. There was a 5 min interview and they told they will let me know within two weeks. Any one else waiting or got any conformation?
  8. dannysgc1

    dannysgc1 New commenter

    I received a mail saying your application has been screened IN. Can I expect an interview call up and how soon?
  9. saranyagajendran11

    saranyagajendran11 New commenter

  10. saranyagajendran11

    saranyagajendran11 New commenter

    I got mail from moe for assessment test I m also applied for computer science nly so which based they asking the question for written test can u tell me which portion are based they asking
  11. niha_22043141

    niha_22043141 New commenter

    hi i also got this mail i hope if one can help
  12. hend2622

    hend2622 New commenter

    i get invitation to interview im art teacher can i know about art teacher exam?
  13. Hi, I am in the same boat here, i did my interview 30th of April and there's no reply afterwards. Anyone can tell me after how long they reply?
  14. hend2622

    hend2622 New commenter

    I think after month
  15. shilkamv

    shilkamv New commenter

    Hi sv591, i have attented april 2019 moe written test for computerscience and it was pretty difficult ,i really wish to get through the test this time again .no sample question papers or syllubus is available and can you helo me to refer any websites .
  16. Same screened in message for me also. After that no news since the last 4 months
  17. shameelaysha

    shameelaysha New commenter

    Can you send me your contact number , am also waiting for the interview
  18. farzinahammed1

    farzinahammed1 New commenter

    I applied for computer science. I'm preparing for phase 1 which is mcq , technical questions. Can someone share their experience on their phase 2 interview?
    I had experience in college teaching not having any experience in teaching in schools.
    Do i need to prepare lesson plan?
    What sort of questions are asked in interview?
  19. navina0989

    navina0989 New commenter

    Hi can some share the experience who appliedfor chemistry teacher position . Something about interview process , subject competency topics,or in any further more. A revert on this will be much appreciable for helping hands.
  20. ayat_yassin

    ayat_yassin New commenter

    Hi if you did the exam please tell us the questions

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