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Experience of Interviewing with Ministry of Education, UAE - Computer Science Graduate

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sv591, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    I recently interviewed for a teaching Computer Science with MoE. The role was advertised for graduates and no teaching experience is required.

    The application process was really simple(but slightly tedious). The job was advertised by an agency which got back to me fairly quickly after I expressed an interest. They asked me to fill an application form and requested some of my documents, which I sent on 3rd November. They got back to me in 2 weeks time and told me that I have been shortlisted for an interview. After 2 more weeks, they sent me the interview invite.

    I was scheduled for 6th December in Manchester and travel reimbursement was not provided. It consisted of a written test and 15mins face to face interview (along with 90 mins of waiting). I didn’t find the test to be very difficult and the interview was also fairly simple.

    I was told the outcome will be revealed in 10-14 days and if offered I will be given 3 days to make a decision. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the result.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The MoE schools in the UAE are not exactly wonderful and that is why lots of Emiratis want to get their little darelings into "international" schools. Unfortunately, the MoE is not prepared to leave "international" schools alone and if they have lots of Emirati students then the MoE sees this as a valid reason for interfering and telling the "international" schools what to do.
  3. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Well anybody who takes this offer from MoE deserves everything they get.

    Why does the MoE have to find victims willing to work as a teacher with NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS.
  4. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    Very interesting post sv591. Particularly that they don't require teaching qualifications. Can you tell us what sort of questions were asked in the written test? Where they subject specific or about teaching? The UAE is normally very particular about qualifications and they have recently introduced a licenced teacher programme where the school that you work for puts you through the UAE version of teacher training. Was this mentioned at all? I have know several teachers who work for ADEC schools in Abu Dhabi and are very happy. The MoE schools are Dubai and northern emirates (unless they have now combined with ADEC) and I haven't heard much about them.
  5. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    Hi Hippo, Don't know much but year have been hearing lots of bad things about MoE schools. I am yet to make my decision and I don't know yet if they are offering the job.

    My agency mentioned that they have a teacher training program for Graduates upon arrival in the UAE. Unfortunately, they couldn't give any more details and that made me suspicious, to be honest.

    There were 6 questions in total - 3 related to Web Technologies, 1 Database Technology, 1 Programming question and Last one asked to write a lesson plan.
    Yes, they did mention about the teacher training program but the agency couldn't give me more details which I am not very happy about.

    Thank you all for your comments
  6. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    My observation is that they are offering a lower salary (16000 AED pm) to graduates who have no teaching qualification and qualified teachers gets a higher salary (21000 AED pm)
  7. sivalingam

    sivalingam New commenter

    Hi sv591,

    My interview was on the 10th Dec. Have you been offered a position. Which recruiter you have been with?

  8. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    I haven't heard a single good thing about teaching in the UAE state school system. Not one. Think very, very carefully about this.
  9. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    Hi Sivalingam,
    my interview was on 9th December - don't remember the name. How was your interview. Feel free to PM me. I don't have access to send PM, weird I know!

    HI Tony,
    I am afraid that is the case. I am yet to find anything good about this.
  10. honestandy

    honestandy New commenter

    I received an email last week from MOE portal to say that I was on their database. Does anybody know what this means?
    Will they contact me further or shall I just forget about it all?
    How does the process work?
  11. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

    There is no reason to be not hopeful. As I mentioned in my OP that it took me 2 weeks to receive email like yours and after 2 more weeks I got an interview invite.
    Good luck
  12. Fer888

    Fer888 Occasional commenter

    I heard about this teacher training last year- will see if I can find the link
  13. Fer888

    Fer888 Occasional commenter

  14. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    The UAE MoE have their jobs advertised with just about every agency in the English speaking world. Anyone who doesn’t dribble will be offered a job as it really is the pits of employment; poor salaries, lousy accommodation, contracts that are easy to abuse and students who may be the most arrogant, lazy, entitled, waste of good air students going, after the Kuwaitis and Saudi students, of course. Don’t flatter yourself that you were ‘offered’ an interview - if you can breathe, you’re shortlisted. Have you not worked out yet why they aren’t too bothered about qualifications or why the interview was easy?
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  15. Aljan123

    Aljan123 New commenter


    Can you tell me what happened at the interview? What sorts of questions did they ask you? I have my interview coming up soon as well.
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  16. sakinaaps

    sakinaaps New commenter

  17. sakinaaps

    sakinaaps New commenter

    Hi ...I have my interview coming soon. Can you tell me what questions were asked exactly?
    You got any msg from them after that?
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  18. mully91

    mully91 New commenter

    Hey SV591,

    If you're still around these forums can you give an update on your experience so far as I am looking into going the same route?

  19. sv591

    sv591 New commenter

  20. neddaattal

    neddaattal New commenter

    Hi I have the computer Science teacher interview on Saturday, Can you help with the written exam. What should I expect? Is it multiple choice ? is it difficult? Help!! I really need this job.

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