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Experience for Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by tinkerbell_306, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Not sure what happened to the font there.
    I work for an educational publisher, mainly publishing KS4
    resources, but this led me to do some voluntary tutoring for 8-16 year olds
    once a week (just since October). I’ve really enjoyed this, particularly
    helping the younger children. So I’m looking to get some experience with a view
    to applying for a primary PGCE next year for 2012 entry. I work full time, but
    plan to use annual leave to gain around 15 days helping in a local primary
    school. I will also carry on the tutoring and was thinking about asking a local
    Brownie pack if I can help there too (I was a Brownie young leader from 1995 to
    2003 and then stopped when I moved away to University). Would this experience
    give me a good enough chance of getting an interview? I realise how competitive
    places are to get so wanted to ask for some advice.

  2. Relevant school experience is one of the main aspects of an application that initial teacher training (ITT) providers will consider, so you are right to see this as an important step towards gaining an interview.
    ITT providers will usually expect applicants interested in teaching at primary school level to have at least two weeks of classroom experience (whether observational, in an assisting/teaching capacity, or both).
    Your current experience as a voluntary tutor, as well as your experience as a young leader in the Brownies, will certainly help to strengthen your application, as they show your commitment to working with children over a long period of time. If you can also add the 15 days of classroom experience in a local primary school, you should be able to provide evidence of substantial and recent experience in the area where you wish to teach, which will help to make that part of your application particularly impressive.
    You should also look on the TDA website www.tda.gov.uk and the graduate teacher training registry website www.gttr.ac.uk, which both provide useful information about how to complete your application, as well as highlighting the sort of things that ITT providers will be looking for.
    I hope that you are able to gain the classroom experience you are after and that you go on to have an enjoyable career in teaching.
    Graham Holley

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