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Expected Salary

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by flyingcircusfreak, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. flyingcircusfreak

    flyingcircusfreak New commenter

    Dear All (but especially @TheoGriff),

    I have experience in comprehensive, state grammar and independent schools; I'm a current HoD, applying for a few HoD and AHT jobs in independent schools at the moment, and have come across a question for a HoD job which I suppose might become more common in the future, but which I haven't seen before. Next to my current salary, I'm asked to indicate an expected salary too.

    I'm currently on UPS1 with a TLR2, and I'm tempted - as this is a large and prestigious place - to simply add £5k on to my current salary. I've looked up their last submission to the Charity Commission and there are 20+ employees on £60k+. Am I underselling myself? Is it worth me writing something like '£xx,xxx with progression based on performance'?

    Many thanks for your help.

    PS: As a lurker for a very long time, I've made sure to write an Executive Statement and to get rid of the little green Martian before posting to @TheoGriff.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Yes, I was getting ready to put you in detention! And make sure you have the courtesy to LIKE any post that I write that you do actually like. ;)

    Well done for that sensible action!

    But don't they go higher than that? The Bursar and the Head will each be on £120K or even more if it is really large and prestigious. And yet more if boarding.

    If you are going for a parallel post - i.e. still HoD, add £5k if similar size to your school. Add £8k if larger. Certainly that was what i was paying my HoD compared to maintained schools.

    Be prepared to say in interview why you think you would be worth the extra, how what you would be doing would be more than in current post. And of course your application, including the E.S., should show how you would be making an outstanding contribution to the school.

    Good luck.
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  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter



    You have remembered to emphasise how keen you are on contributing generously to the co-curricular programme, with an example or two?

    Best wishes

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  4. flyingcircusfreak

    flyingcircusfreak New commenter

    Dear @TheoGriff,

    Many thanks for your reply - I'm pleased to hear that I'm thinking along the right lines!

    They do go higher than that, but not very many; in fact, there's only one in each bracket above £70k-£79k. My rough counting suggests that £70k+ is reserved for senior management.

    Indeed! I'm lucky to have many examples of how I've contributed at my current school, too.

    Many thanks for your help: I'll be sure to post updates when (if!) I start hearing back from schools.

  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    (The missing Thumbs Up emoticon).


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