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Expected levels or average levels?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NQT1986, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    I'm just musing here as I finish typing my very last report!

    Is it the case that a 2b for Y2 and a 4b for Y6 is the expected level-meaning that any child without any additional needs should be able to acheive this (and if they have SEN, they may not and if they are particularly bright-they should be able to exceed this) or is it the case that those levels are the average ones achieved. Or have I lost my mind and there is no difference between those explanations anyway!!?
  2. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    It's not you who has lost your mind, it's the powers that be.
    When the system was designed, Level 4 was the average ... ie in the early 1990s, a 'typical' middle of the road Y6 would be a L4 (no sublevels existed), with some above and some below that. I remember looking round a (successful) school as late as 2004 where the head declared that she *wanted* the lowers to get L3 and not be pressured to do better because that then gave an accurate assessment of their ability.
    The 'average' has morphed into a 'target' (ie let's all try to get our 3s to be 4s) and then has morphed into an expectation (ie why isn't this child getting a 4). Draw your own conclusions about how much that has helped raise standards or not - people will differ.
    The best answer I can give is that L4 is now the level achieved by the great majority of children in Year 6 (although there are no official sublevels as such, I suspect that there are great number of boosted 4cs and that this is more likely a typical mark for an 11 year old). For those who haven't achieved L4, it is worth having the conversation as to why that child is performing below average, and the answer to that question is going to be different for every child ... it might be ability, or it might be teaching.

    Incidentally, SEN has little to do with it - we should be aiming our SENs at L4, unless they have a 1 or a W at KS1.
  3. Two whole levels from KS1 to KS2 is the minimum expectation. Their level from KS1 does not affect this expectation so a Level 1 would still be expected to get a Level 3. The accelerated progress you mention can occur with all abilities too.

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