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Expected APS progress

Discussion in 'Primary' started by alexanderosman, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. alexanderosman

    alexanderosman Occasional commenter

    What is the average APS across the year that is considered expected progress and what is considered good?

    All my averages across the class are over 4 APS, except boys in one subject, but I'm being told that this requires improvement unless it is over 5 in which case it is good, so actually only one subject is being called good. Is it really true that children have to make over 4 APS progress to be considered good?

    Also think I may have asked this before, but do other people get their whole class to make 4+ APS progress in all subjects (ie no children make less than 2 sub-levels)? I feel and keep being told my class have done really well this year, with quite a few making 6 or even 8 APS, but am now being told certain areas require improvement because some children have only made 2 APS progress (all SEN who have not had any appropriate support at all and have only been assessed this year because I have made a fuss about how many problems they have but are not being supported with).
  2. The current level of average (and therefore expected?) progress across KS2 according to Raiseonline for last year's results is 13.4 points. You therefore would need an average of 3 or 4 points in each year group to make EXPECTED progress.

    I'd argue that 4 points is good - it's what we track for - and if all children achieved this in each year group they'd move a fabulous 16 points across the key stage. Moving a 2b to a 5c or a 1a to a 4b is not to be sniffed at!

    Unfortunately, as brilliant as it is that some of your children made 6 or even 8 APS, the children that have only made 2 APS aren't on track to make their 2 levels progress minimum, which is where your 'certain areas require improvement' comes from. (I know, I know, unrealistic for some SEN children blah blah . . . just telling you how it 'is' - from on high, not from your SMT! I have SEN children without any support too!)

    I hate this time of year in the staff room. It always feels like the children's successes aren't celebrated as much as they should be. [​IMG]

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