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Expectations of a non Catholic form tutor/teacher in a Catholic School

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by davetems, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Afternoon,

    I'm applying for positions at several Catholic schools and am concerned about what I will be expected to do and how I can show awareness of this at interview. Could anybody shed some light on what the responsibilities would be and point me in the right direction to learn more about them?

    Any help much appreciated!
  2. I would expect you to go to Mass and do a prayer like everyone else. I would expect you to remain silent if there were things you did not agree with. You are entitled to your views but there is no point in working in a RC school if you are violently at odds with the doctrine. The Catholic church is a broad one and there are all sorts of people involved- divorced, co-habiting, gay- and most of them manage to get on and find their own way within the Church. A lot of those people are very devout Catholics and feel they have to respect the Church as it is and let it change slowly from within.
  3. sneesam

    sneesam New commenter

    I'm at a catholic school and im not catholic. In briefing there is always a prayer and we have masses as well as liturgies every half term. Also there is a welcome mass for y7. It is not really pushed on us but you should say a pray very morning with form but I don't.... Nobody checks so long as the kids are happy.

    I love working in my school and the fact it's a catholic school does not bother me at all!

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