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Expectations for staff on UPS3

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by formula1, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. As Headteachers, what would you expect your UPS3 staff to be accountable for? I seem to get things added everytime a PM interview takes place.
  2. As Headteachers, what would you expect your UPS3 staff to be accountable for? I seem to get things added everytime a PM interview takes place.
  3. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Nothing. Some might hope, but cannot force. The purpose of UPS was to promote teachers who wanted to remain in the classroom as 'just' teachers doing just that and being excellent at it.
  4. What if they are not excellent merely average
  5. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    To meet the ups standards according to the tda document.
  6. which should be rigorously interpreted and applied, take not noitce of the NUT's belief that UPS is a payment for doing the bare minimum (which their rep will tell you endlessly!!!!)
  7. Thank you for your replies. I found this excerpt on the Union site:
    For UPS3 there is an expectation that post threshold teachers should provide a role model for teaching and learning, make a distinctive contribution to the raising of pupil standards and contribute effectively to the work of the wider team. They should take advantage of appropriate opportunities for professional development and use the outcomes effectively to improve pupils’ learning (STPCD section 3).
    My HT says that I am equivalent to staff having a TLR. Our TLR staff are Literacy/Maths/Science/ICT and Yr group Leaders.... not sure where I fit in there!
  8. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    You're right about UP3. TLR's are another matter, though. They are for responsibility for, which is different from a contribution to, classes other than your own, e.g. as a subject leader. It is utterly wrong for any head to suggest that they are interchangeable.
  9. My apologies for taking the tread in a slightly different direction – here’s a short Sunday morning theory.
    The UPS system is flawed and our pal Michael would do well to change it.
    Why? For school financiers (especially small schools) where staff mobility is low) UPS3 teachers cripple school budgets. I have a colleague whose 110 NOR school has four class teachers all UPS3. She literally has no budget after paying salaries – no cash for subject development or any CPD that isn’t FOC. I respect teachers are our greatest resource and always will be, but they themselves become frustrated when they have old or no resources.

    I await the onslaught...

  10. I so agree. I am a teacher on UP3, have worked in Primary and PRU and Special but last 10 years with 3 children and single mum I have been a behaviour support teacher. I cannot get a job as a deputy or even back in classroom ...........I am turning 50 and have gone back to uni at night to get a post grad cert in Special education and will study at summer school for MA in educational management and leadership but I am not hopeful of a job. I will move anywhere to get a job that will make me feel I am using all theskills I have from behaviour management . I too thought being a mum and being there for teh children was important but now I have the time and skills to offer back no one wants them. Have even tried writing to line managers in authority but no support ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I feel desperate
  11. I was on the leadership scale and I still stayed in the classroom for 4 days a week. I got extra pay for my leadership role but not for my classroom expertise. I hate the idea that those on UPS 'stayed in the classroom' (some of them shouldn't have bothered) while us on the leadership stopped teaching. UPS is a joke rewarding satisfactory teaching or people running a club
  12. weesteve

    weesteve New commenter

    Completely agree.
    Whoever dreamt up the idea of UPS had very little insight into how schools and budgets have to be managed. They left a cruel legacy for those teachers who now can't find work because they're too expensive, and those schools who now have a very expensive teaching staff and little money left to pay support staff.
    NUT reps are even more short-sighted...
  13. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    No matter what it is called, there are some heads who begrudge teaching staff being paid at the top of whatever scale it has been. Also when it comes to budget matters they seem to want to employ support staff term time only.
    Headteachers seem to forget that they once worked their way up the promotion ladder.
    For what it is worth it has seemed that in my 35 years teaching the bottom rungs of the ladder seem to be adjusted every 7 or 8 years!
    I recall starting teaching with a 9 point scale then scales 2, 3 and 4 then Senior Teacher.

  14. Regarding your comment 'UPS is a joke rewarding satisfactory teaching or people running a club' you seem to have come across a teacher(s) on UPS 3 that are just satisfactory. The same can be said of those in Leadership that don't have the personal qualities that make a leader and are only satisfactory in the classroom. Never make assumptions that all are the same, some may have deserved the extra pay for going over and above and their contribution far outweighs leaders that can't lead!!
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  15. Valid points are made by a number of people on this forum with no bias and then once again some disgruntled teacher seeks to reap revenge for their own misfortune on all leaders who ever dared to run a school. UPS is an annoying and pointless nonsense. It creates an unnecessary division in the teaching workforce and leaves UPS Teachers stranded in one school or unemployable. They also have to maintain impossible standards which are unrealistic. How is this good for anyone in education? Saying this is not attacking UPS teachers, it is attacking those who hare around in government ruining education.
  16. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    How is having UPS 1,2 or 3 any different to being on points 7-9 on the old payscale as it was imnpossible to move down that payscale as well. I can't see how a teacher with more experience (and presumably more skills) becomes less employable unless cost rather than employing the best member of staff becomes the most important thing (which I accept is often the case in primary schools).
    There does seem to be a primary / secondary divide here as UPS teachers in secondary seem to have less problems changing posts than their equivalents in primary and are always encouraged to apply for it
  17. That might have a lot to do with the funding difference in certain authorities, where primary are starved of cash.
  18. At primary and secondary level UPS doesn't mean anything. Teaching isn't any better or worse at any pay scale. There has also been no standardisation in terms of the route to attain UPS. It would be good to reward all outstanding teachers maybe with a one of bonus and scrap UPS.
  19. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter



  20. Well, let me see, they reduced the pay scale to 6 scale points, point 6 being the same pay wise as point 9. UPS gives money on top with specific conditions to justify the payment, if teachers don't want to take the money, that's their choice, it's a one way ticket, true, but teacher's know this.
    So, UPS is very different to the old scale 7-9, also you cannot go down the M scales!!!!


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