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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Bonnie23, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Hide in the library to work? Or snag a spare classroom or a different departmental,office? I hid in the Language resources room one summer to Just Blooming Mark Without Little Jonny Nagging Over Nohting. As GDW says, they have to be confident and grow some independence. Aren't we all meant to be resilient now?!
  2. drek

    drek Star commenter

    The 5 hours with the teacher are the 'guided' hours and the other 5 are 'independent' study. Sounds like you are giving them 10 hours of guided teaching, which is exhausting you.

    The same thing is happening at gcse. Very often in an effort to produce 'outstanding' lessons some teachers are having to redo those lessons as 'revision' classes every week.

    It defeats the whole purpose of producing 'independent' learners. There is no reason why our students should drop out of their chosen courses at university, but many do because they see independent study as a barrier. They don't know what it means in practice.

    They have never had a chance to stick with it before.

    And teachers aren't allowed to let them by their line managers. It is via feedback through observations that this sort of thing has become the norm.

    Do the practical work in guided time. Let them do the write ups or coursework in their independent learning time and give them deadlines so you have the energy and time to mark and give the feedback required for improvement.

    You need to in order to get some balance back into your own life.
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  3. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    I totally understand your pain. I also run a practical GCSE & A-level subject, where students in the sixth form in particular are expected to do a lot of work outside of lessons. Because of the nature of my subject and the fact that the students need to access the ICT and other equipment and specialist software available in my classroom only, it means that when they need to do 'independent work' on their practical coursework they HAVE to come to my classroom. And as students are not allowed to be left alone in classrooms, especially ones with expensive practical equipment, I have to stay to supervise them. I often get very little marking done in this time.

    My only tips really are that you must be saying no / cutting back on any 'interventions' after school as that is key time you could use to mark. Tell SLT that if there are students who need serious intervention then you will need them and you off timetable for a few sessions to do that.

    I also find it useful with sixth form to make it clear that I have a lot to do and explain that you really need to be undisturbed even if they are working in the same room as you. If they get stuck I get them to Google potential solutions, or ask other students BEFORE coming to me. As they are older they do seem to grasp this a little better.

    Hope it improves for you soon.
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