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Discussion in 'Primary' started by foxymox, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Is anyone else so tired in the evenings, that they are incapable of marking ( or anything else for that matter ) and find themselves getting up in the middle of the night to do it? Or is it just me.....?
  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    You're stressed. Slow down, get rid of some work if you can and do nothing this weekend.
    Take care of yourself.
  3. Never get up in the middle of the night to mark - bed is for bed time, or some more enjoyable physical activity.
    Yes, I'm tired in the evenings.
  4. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I'm pretty tired most evenings. If I'm only a bit tired then I'll do a couple of hours work. If I'm completely knackered then I'll just forget whatever jobs I feel that I ought to be doing, go to bed ridiculously early (eg 8 o'clock), but then I'll sleep through to the morning and feel refreshed when I get up the next day.
    I wouldn't ever get up in the night to do work. That sounds completely counter-productive. Surely your sleep cycle will just be messed up, and you'll just be more tired the next day.
    There was a thread about tiredness over on Personal a few weeks ago.
  5. Knackered. I'm having an evening off. I am using it to eat a GU pudding, watch Tool Academy and straighten my hair and I'm absolutely bloody loving it. Got PPA tomorrow and after a good night's sleep I am going to be VERY productive and not just slurp coffee, veg out with whoever else is free and then take all the work home with me. I'd also rather stay at school until 5 or 6 and feel like I've got somewhere near finishing up (although I suspect you probably never, EVER completely finish up?) than go home with stuff to do for the next day looming over me. If you did this, getting up in the night to mark books (madness!) would be impossible! x
  6. I know it's madness but I've just got into this terrible habit which I can't seem to break. My husband is at his wits' end with me. I NEVER get a minute's peace during PPA, have meetings 3 evenings out of 5 and get harassed to death the other two evenings to the point where I hardly get anything done. I'm a Year 6 class based deputy head with tons of marking. How do other people cope? It'll be the bloody death of me, I'm convinced.
  7. Sounds blissful, Lilybet!
  8. Better to get up early in the am !
    But if this happens a lot and you are wakeful, go to bed early to make sure you get your sleep. Also, it's better to try to get your mind relaxed before bed so that what sleep you get is quality sleep.

    Maybe you need more alcohol to achieve that!
  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    as a word of advice stop
    I nearly lost my wife because of working all the time for school and then decided i needed to take the life back.She was more important than school
    Schools wil always pur more work on the willing horse so stop being it.
    Firstly your entiled to life.cling to that idea and act on it
    Then discus with head your feelings,they are your line manager..see what cna be shifted, moved ,absorbed,minuted etc to take the burden.
    The meetings...maybe detail them.or use a fixed time limit if you do have to attend.Most ot what is talked is silly chit chat anyway.so cut to the quick.make notes and then NEXT///I learn this as committee meeting chair.I learnt to itemise the agenda....and i learnt to give a cut off point and start on time( providing there isnt another crisiselsewhere)
    Then stop taking omn roles....you cant do everything..but the damands on you are high..so concentrate on your key roles.First your a teacher///so sort your class and concentrate on them
    Next your DH..look carefully and pritorise?( we are guilty of not doing ,this stumbling from crises to crises).Have ou organised your own area.... your class is fisrt planning and the marking, and amrk as othersuggest..can you cut down on that so its once weekly etc.
    Systems...are they in place and do teachers adhere to them.You might be the approach able one so they come to your door.....but you do have to say NO and ask them to write it down ,or make a brief note and say youll get back to them.or you simply say you havent time now... but drop it in pigoen hole etc
    Please do make sure you take time off to be with hubby.....even if 2 nights a week you say sod it and go out etc.besides recharging your batteries its good for both of you.believe me ive been there and gained high blood pressure because i didnt let go but worried about the job.
    sorry if it sounds like im teaching you to suck eggs but you will end up sressed and ill if you dont.or end up in a burn out situation.
    best of luck

  10. Thanks everyone. Some great advice and some very useful reminders! I'll do my best to get out of this damn habit. Life's too short..... Cheers x
  11. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I'm getting to where you are! Marking is a nightmare and always in demand. One of our staff has gone down to 0.8 for their own sanity. Not suggesting that as the answer, but consider what you can drop/manage differently/places to hide!
  12. I decided 2 years ago to work 4 days as I was getting so stressed and no matter how hard I worked it seemed that I was never on top of things and my marriage was being affected as I was constantly tired and spending my weekends working. I had to fight to have the day but it is the best decision ever. Life is too short and my motto is "I work to live!"
    I do 2 after school clubs (Mon/Wed) and a staff meeting (Tues) which leaves me with a Thursday to try and catch up with displays etc. As I have Friday off, this invariably finds me working but at least I have time for my husband and family and my stress levels are not so high - impossible in this profession not to suffer.
    Please put yourself first, as you do not get any more thanks for working 60+ hours as I found out. My priority are the children in my class, as long as they are happy and see me happy the teaching happens.
    Have a lovely weekend!!
  13. I find myself totally exhausted every night., I was beginning to think it was due to getting older but after speaking to younger colleagues, its the job!! They all feel the same- too much to do, not enough time and everyone wanting it done yesterday!! I even keep a pad and pen at my bedside to write down ideas that come to me through the night when I can't sleep- how sad is that!! Have tried everything to aid sleep but think the best cure will be retirement!!

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