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Exemplar material on A level Art for Scottish teacher

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by williamBrian, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I am about to attend interviews for art teaching jobs overseas, all of which teach the English system, as a Scottish teacher I am unfamiliar with 'A' levels and GCSE'S, however I am a very experienced art teacher in the Scottish system, could anyone recommend any resources that would get me up to speed on the format, standards and admin of the English system.
  2. You could go onto the different exam boards' websites and download their specifications. They also have exemplar material to look at for gauging standards and grades. The main boards are OCR,EDEXCEL and AQA.
  3. There is an AST teacher Julia Stubbs who has an excellent website with her school's work from Key stage 3 to A level. It has the grades the students gained as well. Edexcel has a communities site which has powerpoints of different units of work in endorsements as exemplars and though I need to log on to get to detailed exam analysis I can usually access these resources from the website without logging on. Unfortunately it does not have the grades achieved on the powerpoints but it shows you the type of work produced in response to the assessment objectives and specification. The subject adviser for Edexcel is excellent and might be worth contacting through the site. The websites are www.juliastubbs.co.uk and if you go onto the edexcel website and click on the subject communities it will get you to the art one,though at the moment it is temporarily down!
  4. Hi William,
    As you mention your are teaching the English system overseas, it makes me wonder whether you will in fact be teaching CIE Art and Design (the International version of A Levels and GCSE, run by Cambridge University)?
    If so, I run a website aimed at helping art students and teachers which you may find helpful! :)
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the info, I will get on to that right away, exactly what I am looking for.
  6. Excellent stuff Amiria thank you, the schools vary, I have an interview on Saturday and they offer the Cambridge IGCSE
    and the Edexel A level. Really all I need to see are complete folios of coursework and exam work for varying grades but looking at work online is not going to give any real sense of the quality. I need to go to a moderation event. Or simply rely on the fact that, should I be offered one of the posts , I will get a handle on the standards once I get into the job. Thanks again
  7. Have found this which is likely to be of use to you! http://community.edexcel.com/art_and_design/m/artigcse/4554.aspx
    It contains examples of complete folios of IGCSE work, showing the full range of grades. Hope it helps!

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