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Excuse my ignorance re: concert profits in music depts.

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rockmeamadeus, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. There is no rule to say that it does, however there are often rules to say that it doesn't - especially when schools are run by local authorities.
    My concert money goes into the fund used by the Parents Association and they then buy me things that I need - however we have also brought a minibus with the money (and other money raised) which I use sometimes so I have no problem with this.
    In my last school the money went into a "fund" which was used to pay for drama productions and equipment for the school hall.
    I would be cautious about mentioning "DJ" concerts - obviously it depends on the school, however I would be inclined to talk about "restoring quality performance opportunities for a wide range of students" and "reintroducing a culture of high quality performances showcasing student's own talents". Yes, focus on what will inspire students but also remember you need a forum to which parents can come and be impressed by what you do and have achieved with their little ones - this in turn feeds back to the school and makes you even more indespensable. Finally, remember that there will be students who play instruments and do grades or sing (even if they are a small minority) who may feel uncomfortable performing in a concert where DJ music has whipped the crowd into a frenzy - I have kind of made this mistake by putting on loud concerts with big PA and lighting which made any classical or acoustic contributions look a bit small. I feel guilty about it often - I had not properly considered the needs of all students at the time.
    Good luck with your application, however. Sounds like this school is in need of someone with drive and imagination.
  2. Every school I've worked at has let me put the money from concerts straight back into the musci department generally to be used to fund the extra-curricular, workshops etc. But I think it does depend on the school.
  3. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Thank you rockmeamadeus, you raise many good points.
    The DJ concert I will not mention in application letter, but as something different should the need/oportunity arise at interview. I was thinking of using it as an afterschool club, then maybe as a concert for children in need or other whole school event if it is successful. Thus it would not be on the same platform as classical - which as you piont out can demean the hard work and effort that those doing more classical music put into their work. I usually have a bias towards classical as that is my thing as it were, so am just trying to think of alternatives, for what is a run down department in a difficult social area. You do however clarify my thinking on that. Thank you. I will be careful if and when I mention this.
    Have written about the 8-13 programme which seems heavily promoted on their website and doing concerts between local secondary and primary days to strengthen links.
    I find the practical things to discuss easier than the taching. Frustrating.
    Many people with experience are applying for it - posts, especially possible permanent ones are few and far between, so I have turned down a days supply today in order to nail the apllication, cannot do any more than that.
    Wanted to check the finance thing before I make a fool of myself in interview, in the unlikely event that I get that far.
    I like your phrasing which I may steal if that's okay?
    Thanks for your advice - and for the advice from the poster that posted after you, it seems it just depends on the school.
    Thanks once more,

  4. you seem to have given this a lot of thought - I really wish you the best of luck!

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