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Exciting ways to teach counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkflipflop, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Doing three days of counting next week, first day in 2s, second in 5s and third in 10s
    Keep going round and round in circles trying to think of ways to make this interesting. I have a very low ability Year 1 class who missed lots of counting opportunities in Reception, so trying to count in groups of objects is very difficult!
    So far I have considered doing things with pairs of socks, 2p coins, 5p coins and 10p coins but am really struggling to find ways to make things last more than 5 minutes!
    What have other people done for this particular objective?
  2. I'm in Year 1 too - have taught some of these but others are ideas I've seen elsewhere.
    How about a noah's ark day - lots of counting in 2s - animals into the ark, pairs of legs on animals etc. Sing the song outside and count the children onto the 'ark'?
    5s - use hands, toes - counting round the circle/group - draw round fingers/toes in chalk and then number? At christmas my class decorated trees with 5 baubles each and then we did lots of counting using these.
    Can't remember what I've done for 10s now, sorry brain isn't in gear. Ooh, when we had our 100 day we did counting in 10s to 100 and the children made caterpillars using 10 tissue circles and then we stuck these up and counted as far as we could.
    If I have anymore brainwaves I'll be back!

  3. ooh thanks for the ideas.
    At the moment for 2s I have the lowest ability children (who cant recognise numbers or count beyond 3) making pairs of socks to start thinking about counting in 2s.
    Middle ability playing a game with counters to count in 2s
    At the moment the top group are going to have number cards with different amounts on. They then need to match the correct number of 2p coins to the card (this is something we could also do with 5p and 10p)
  4. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    Get a tin and ask children to close their eyes, drop in 2ps, 1 at a time for chn to count how much money.
  5. coolio
    Am clearly in a very uninspired mood today!
  6. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    you need to use real 2ps so they can hear the clink!
  7. Will have to see if i can find any lying around the house then.
    We only have plastic money in school (what little is left of it)
  8. Love the money idea!
    It's a bit dull, but my idea was to colour steps on a number track or 100 square. If you've got one marked in the playground, they could jump in 2s, or place cones on each 5, etc. Not as good as counting coins though.
  9. Yer I have done counting in 2s with 2p just used my own money you don't need may and kids love it. I have done pairs of socks as already suggested which children loved- had differet socks hidde around the room they had to find matching the line up and count. Did hand printing for 5 fingers then laminated and used to count. Tens did on a number square first then just farmiliarising them with large numbers was biggest challenge.
    With all did last man standing for practise- go around circle counting in 2s/5s/10s then sit down if to slow or wrong lots of fun. Also did divide into 2 groups and use a swinger so one group count i 2s another 10s. What else lots of jumping/high fives/clapping games. Did a lot with my lowest ability year 2 to consoludate this! Just as many ways to practise as possible. Lots of online games http://www.mathszone.co.uk/ for a starting point.
    Hope this helps
  10. Thanks icklekid, that was all really helpful.
    Thanks to everyone for the ideas.
  11. I love the Mathendulum on Fiery Ideas website for counting practice too.
  12. This online Slavonic abacus helps children to visualise sets of tens and sets of fives. It can support counting in steps of any size. You could use it to represent the numbers in a simple story, e.g.: There were 20 horses, but ten ran away.
  13. I have done lots of this too as mental starter activities to get regular practice so that the children know the pattern by rote. For homework we asked the children to find counting rhymes for 2s eg 2468 who do we appreciate. There is also a good book of numercy rhymes aimed at Reception but will be useful for your low ability Year 1s, and anyway its fun! Tom thumbs musical maths its called. I also use "swinging monkey" who helps us count. He is a monkey on a string that you swing pendulum style. Another idea is count in odd and even numbers whisper odd and clap on even, then just go to evens only. You can extend this to clap on 2s, raise arms on 5s and stand on 10s or do all three if its a multiple of all, might be a bit of a challenge for year 1, but anything kinesthetic helps. Good luck!
  14. We've done lots of that. Need to move away from it now though so that they can actually count things in sets of 2

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