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Exciting Lessons

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by aspiringgeographyteacher, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. aspiringgeographyteacher

    aspiringgeographyteacher New commenter


    Looking for some tips please!

    How would you make a lesson as engaging as possible? What teaching methods do you use e.g posters, learning games, etc?

    All answers are appreciated,

    Thank You
  2. WkndCoder

    WkndCoder New commenter

    Hi aspiringgeography teacher,

    good question! For me, I try to make the lessons relevant and meaningful so students feel it's really worth their time and effort. Relating material to everyday situations and how it can be applied practically. From a students perspective I came across this article a few weeks ago, it may help: http://bit.ly/1Uu2tMl

    Good Luck ;-)
  3. amchugh

    amchugh New commenter

    I often use electronic resources that students would use outside of lessons. For a couple of years now I've used a blog with my A Level Law students to engage them with debate as part f their homework as well as with their classroom work. They LOVE it! Take a look at my blog post on why you should use blogging to engage your students. Let me know what you think. Share it if you think others might benefit from it!
  4. chellewalker

    chellewalker New commenter

    Weaker students will often write on a white board, what they would not attempt on paper, as they can rub out their mistakes. (it also minimizes marking:)). This may not be aspriring, but it really helps engage students
  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    You're not allowed to teach exciting lessons any more.

    Every lesson must be exactly the same as per OFSTED guidelines.
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  6. jacqueline29

    jacqueline29 New commenter

    Hello would anyone have good examples of a flipped health and social care lesson please?
  7. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    Include opportunities to work in pairs or small groups to discuss or plan their project or response to the task; make it practical whenever you can and use the school grounds or local area if possible and appropriate; use technology to help engage. Just some ideas!
  8. dilly88

    dilly88 New commenter

    I teach young people at risk of being excluded or those that already are. They don't cope well in mainstream school. We have more freedom with delivering with gateway and BTEC. i make my lessons as active as possible, standing at the white board, using mini white boards,flip charts. Include a quick ice breaker at the start most lessons, break down the lessons into chunks,if i can see a few going off task i will stop them and give them a two minute timer to play uno,catch them before they burn out. i use various methods like quiz, group discussion, paired and group work, games, technology ect, make a challenge out of it and you will be surprised at how competitive they can be. i appreciate if you are teaching in school you may not have the flexibility.

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