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Exciting ideas for teaching prayer KS3

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by annieapp, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have a KS3 RE class. I'm moving on to prayer with them soon. Any ideas for keeping this topic interesting? They bore very easily.
  2. Hi - Esmeralsa's prayer. Locate it on You Tube. It is from Hunch back of Notre Damn cartoon. I give them a copy of the lyrics (the prayer is sang by Esmmerelda) . We examine the prayer through the video clip and symbolism and the words. It is called prayer for the out casts and then I get personal responses and we write out own prayers and go into discussion on what is the purpose of prayers. I have a P P if you message me and send me your email I will send you. i do it in a unit on film and faith. It worked well last year with all abilities in yr 7. J x
  3. You could set them a homework task the week before to record the number of conversations they have with their best friend or family member. Most will have spoken to them everyday. You can use this to talk about prayer in Christianity being about a relationship with God. God already knows everything and doesn't need us to vocalise our concerns or things we're happy about but Christian pray to develop their relationship to God and involves listening to God too. If we ignored our friends or never listened to them the relationship would quickly suffer as it does for Christians.
  4. Great idea. Thank you Janegeography.
  5. Which religion are you looking at?
    When I do Islam I give them a table to fill in and put them in groups of 4ish and have a bottle of water, a compass, a clock, string of beads etc and they have to work out what they are sed ofr - bit more complicated than that but I am nodding off here lol - long week!
  6. Look at the wailing wall and how Jews and non Jews will leave prayers in the wall. Create your own western wall using a box and get students to write their wish/prayer and post it into the 'wall'.
  7. I am doing prayer with year 7. could you email me the PP to

    Many thanks

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