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Exciting Exam Technique

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by lucywig, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. lucywig

    lucywig New commenter

    Hi All

    I have been asked to lead staff training on possibly the most dull topic ever - Exam Technique!

    I am pleading to the members of the community does anyone have any good tips, tricks exciting or engaging strategies they use to teach exam technique? It doesn't matter what subject you teach. Any help would be much appreciated!


  2. Owennnn

    Owennnn Occasional commenter

    One method I've seen a colleague of mine use, for longer answer questions. Assuming a 10 mark question. Give them 10 minutes to answer the question, after 10 minutes get them to change the colour pen they are using and add as much information as they can to the answer. Then with a third colour add as much as they can using notes.

    It gives a nice 'traffic light' of where the student is at just by using the amount of each colour pen. Lots of colour #3 suggests they're not remembering content well, lots of colour #2 suggests they're not answering quickly enough, and lots of colour #1 suggests they're very capable with that particular question.
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  3. Snzeni

    Snzeni New commenter

    brilliant Owennnn

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