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Exchange with a Spanish school

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by elena_rua, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Hello!

    I teach English in a Spanish school and after many years the school we used to have exchanges with decided to cancel it due to the lack of interest by the students and their families to visit Spain for a week.

    The school I work in is a private IB school situated in Pontevedra, in North West Spain. We'd like to find a school interested in having an exchange with our 14,15, 16 year old students.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!
  2. martaclases157

    martaclases157 New commenter

    Hi Elena

    I am also a teacher and I provide spanish lessons in Barcelona. The topic that you are talking about is familiar to me too. My foreign students told me that they come here to study our langugaje because they couldn't learn it properly during their school period. The problem in that cases was not only the lack of interest of the families, but also of the school. It was more popular for everyone go to Paris for a trip and learn French, or to New York, but from my point of view, learn Spanish is more profitable, at least to travel and visit other countries.

    I would like that you can find new exchanges for your IB school!
  3. lauradixon1

    lauradixon1 New commenter

    Hi Elena

    I would be interested in hearing more about this


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