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Examples please of what a pupil needs to pass Nat 4 English?

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by ladywholunch, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. ladywholunch

    ladywholunch New commenter

    Dear all. I'm assisting in our learning support department and need a quick (if it's possible) example of what my limited timetable S4 pupil needs for Nat 4 English.
    I've asked our own English department but despite their best efforts I'm not fathoming the practicalities - sorry!

    So, is it two pieces of creative writing, two critical essays a talk, a listening and two close reading assessments or what?

    All help and advice welcome for a lassie who's hit a mental block! Ta!
  2. Mazod

    Mazod Occasional commenter

    Ask to see proper course specifications from the secure site. It's all to do with passing units and I know that you can get away with not studying any 'texts' which makes me think that although you need to display an ability to produce different types of writing, this doesn't need to include a critical essay. However, it may be that your school encourages this as it helps to give pupils an easier progression to N5.
  3. Gavster77

    Gavster77 Occasional commenter

    Understanding and evaluation pieces X2 (reading for understanding pieces; listening pieces)
    Creation and production X2 (personal or imaginative writing pieces)
    Added Value unit - your English department may have units that guide this.

    If your English department are not helping/not involved that's crazy, They should be at least supplying work the pupil can do. Nab the PT for a sit down and ask for a simple rundown of requirements. If you are being blocked or snubbed go to your line manager and say so. It's no skin off your nose - just admit you are unclear and you are not receiving advice from the subject specialists.

    If no one is helping you but expecting you to somehow win this pupil qualifications from nowehere, go to the HT and union rep simultaneously.
  4. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    For Nat 4? No.
    They need:
    One piece of writing (informative, discursive or creative) produced independently of at LEAST 300 words which can be assessed for both Creation and Production (Writing) and Literacy (Writing). It will need to make sense, be organised into clear paragraphs and with mainly accurate spelling and punctuation. It should include some language features (use of headings/subheadings, effective word choice, punctuation or sentence length for effect, simile etc).

    One talk which can be assessed for both Creation and Production (Talk) and Literacy (Talk). Again the content must be relevant, organised and the pupil must use some eye contact, body language, intonation, varied pace.

    The Analysis and Evaluation unit cannot be passed with a critical essay (or it's unlikely to count) because it has to be an unseen text. There are textual analysis unit assessments on the secure site which are your best option - you need one for reading and one for listening.

    Then you need a non-fiction close reading for Literacy (Reading). Again, these are available on the secure site.

    Lastly, the pupil needs to pass the Added Value Unit which is essentially a comparison of two texts and uses a variety of reading and writing/talk skills.

    Please note that for the Literacy units pupils must work independently. Even if they have a reader for other assessments they must complete the Reading unit without one. Same for writing - you can use ICT but no human scribe.

    Listen to the English department. If it seems complicated, that's because it is. You can limit what the pupil has to produce by dual assessing pieces of work BUT there are a lot of unit outcomes which need ticked off.

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