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Examples of Letter of application???

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by funkyyay, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. xxx22xxx

    xxx22xxx New commenter

    Hi......could i jump on the bandwagon and ask for a copy too?

    thanks if possible,

  2. Please could I have a look as well- there's a post with TLR for Literacy at a Primary school I'd love to work in .....
    e-mail is hsadams7@msn.com
  3. Hi,

    I would also be very grateful if i could have a look at the letter of application please.


    many thanks

  4. You're so generous - could I be included and recieve a copy of your letter of application too please? Many thanks Annie
  5. the guyster

    the guyster New commenter

  6. Please could you send me a letter of application for TA job. Panicking! Would be really grateful

  7. Hi
    I've just now sent you a message when I came across your post above and realised how similar the TLR post I'm applying for is to the area of responsibility you describe in your message is. Mine is Assessment and Progress and I am a keystage 3 and 4 English teacher. So, would love to have a look at your amended version of the letter of application.
    Many thanks!
  8. please could i have a copy of your letter applying for numeracy tlr post
  9. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter

    I realise I am dragging up an old post here, but I've 'hit a wall' with my application letter and wondered if I could possibly take a peek at yours? Thank you.
  10. vic777cat

    vic777cat New commenter

    I realise that your original post was quite some time ago, but if you still have a copy is there any chance I can get a copy to vic_ad7@hotmail.com.
  11. jewell71

    jewell71 New commenter

  12. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    Just a thought.... Maybe vshell could post this a resource and provide a single link to it taking out any personal information. I get worried when I see people posting their personal email addresses online. I only say this because I posted my email on the TES several years ago and I started getting loads of spam and someone tried to hack my email account. I ended up having to create a new email address.

    Just a thought...
  13. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Given that the OP wrote their application in 2008, it probably isn't going to be an awful lot of use to you.

    Agreed, posting an email address is never a good idea.
    Mind you, nabbing someone else's application is an even worse one! :rolleyes:
  14. LauLouE

    LauLouE New commenter

    Hi, Would it be possible to have a look at yours?

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