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Examples of Letter of application???

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by funkyyay, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. funkyyay

    funkyyay New commenter

    hi there, was wondering if anyone could help me? I am considering applying for TLR promotion for numeracy (primary) but need help with how to start / write the personal statement letter.

    If anyone has any examples of a recent letter of application I would be most grateful

    Many thanks
  2. vshell

    vshell New commenter


    I have recently amended mine (secondary English - 2nd in dept raising attainment at keystage 3 and 4)you are welcome to look at it post your addy.

  3. funkyyay

    funkyyay New commenter

  4. xg!

    xg! New commenter

  5. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    you have mail!!

  6. vshell

    vshell New commenter

  7. Oooh, sorry to be cheeky...any chance you could send me a copy?

    Thank you muchly xxx

  8. sjk17

    sjk17 New commenter

  9. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    emails have been sent.

    Have a good easter.

  10. glitterdustgirl

    glitterdustgirl New commenter

    Aw please can I have a look too??? I'm in the same situation but looking for Primary Literacy Leader posts and don't where to start with applications!!

  11. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Have sent it.

  12. Hiya,

    no doubt you are most probably now sick of people wanting to look at your letter of ap. but, may i please? i am going for 2nd in dept in charge of ks3 english. would be helpful.



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