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Examples of diary entries

Discussion in 'English' started by I_like_food, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Have also posted this in Primary, but am really struggling to find any examples so thought I'd try here!

    "Anyone know of a good website/book which has example texts of diary entries I could use with my Year 3 class? They are doing WW2 so will be writing their own diary entry at the end."
  2. When I was eight we were taught about Pepys and I've kept a diary ever since.

    Here are some snippets I've written based on some of the heaps of 'diary' paper my mum kept.





    A lot of my diary just said things like "liver and onions for dinner", "went fishing in the Yeo and caught a trout" or "Jimmy Kelly stole the pram wheels off my cart".

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