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Examples of BTEC work

Discussion in 'Music' started by JennyMus, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Yes, I think there should be more examples of work at a pass, merit and distinction level available for tutors to view. Myself and Florian were discussing BTEC on another thread and it made me realise how loose the guidelines can be with regard to what to teach, how to assess etc.

    BTEC are currently running a little scared after the damning Wolf report, particularly with regard to the delivery in schools. On the plus side they are now suggesting that all Level 2 quals (from Sep 2013) will be subject to 25% external assessment. Personally I don't see this as anything to worry about, I think it's a good thing as it will help to validate the great qualification that it is.

    The other information you refer to is to check the marking in centres where 30% of the grades are high, as a response to the suggestion of over generous marking. Again, not a bad thing IMO.

    I have to admit that in general the system in schools, RE internal verification, is not to my liking at all (far from it in fact). In colleges we have larger departments so have other specialists to consult if we are ever in doubt about which grade to award.

    I think another way forward would be for BTEC to insist that school specialists verify each others' work (i.e. music teacher to music teacher across centres) where they are working as the sole specialist teachers, or that they work with FE colleges. It would also encourage the sharing of good practice. I can imagine that working on your own with your IV being someone who teaches a subject such as PE and has no idea about music is not only unsatisfactory but worrying.

    I know previously you have emailed me some work for a second opinion, please feel free to do so again if you want to.
  2. Yeah, all these measures will definitely help. I think I just had a slight moment of doubt in my own ability! We had a meeting and they really emphasied the consuqences of not marking correctly etc e.g. Edexcel not allowing the course to run, blocking results, all that sort of stuff, and having not had any exam classes through at my current school until this year (when I have 4 lots!!) I had a bit of a confidence wobble.
    It is a creative department that IV's mine but I still think it can be subjective and very difficult. I think your idea of cross school marking or something like that would be great. I currently have a friend of mine doing work experience with me and although she is not experienced in terms of marking, having someone to talk to about stuff and music work is so refreshing!

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