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Example of observation sheets that others use.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pinnochio, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could send me their observation (blank) sheet to have a look at? I'm trying to change mine as currently spending so long writing out which stepping stone/ ELG it relates to (in full). There has to be a more efficient way to analyse observations?? I've heard some people use numbers, how do you number the statements etc? My email address is topsyandtim@hotmail.co.uk if there are any kind people out there.


    P x
  2. You have mail !
    badger X
  3. I have now created a few, but to be honest, we now dont use any of them! In the last few months we have been writing observations on spiral note pads, and then I have been typing them up and putting the learning intention/s the observation 'hit/s' at the bottom-time consuming! I have heard of some coloured stickers that you can purchase with 'CLL', 'PRSN', 'PSED' etc. on which you could then use to stick onto an observation, piece of evidence, picture, etc. This would show which of the 6 areas of the EYFS the observation/piece of evidence 'hits', but not which learning intention, which is why I haven't made use of them. BUT it got me thinking....maybe a similar system could be developed...guess what I will be doing over the Easter holidays?!!
    Let me know if you discover anything!
    I too would be VERY interested in anything others may have and would gladly send what I have.

  4. ohh badger...could I have a copy too please?!!
  5. You have mail
    badger x
  6. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    I reference mine by the area of learning and scale point for example CLL LCT (Language for Communication and Thinking) 2 (or whatever scale point it is) There is a space for this on my observation sheet, sorry I don't have an electronic copy to hand. This is in reception, not so easy for nursery I know.
  7. ty badger! Much appreciated!
  8. I am sending you the short observations sheets I use. I will also attach the long observations which we are requested/required to complete, one for each child each half term. Hope these are okay, if you don't use at least you can see what's around.
  9. You have more mail. Have a great Easter
  10. Hello could I have a copy too? feel a bit cheeky asking as new to the site is this the way to d it?
  11. Hi and welcome
    You need to include your email address so that I can send them to you. I am going away for 10 days but I will email them to you when I return. Don't forget to put your email address.
  12. please, please, please could I have a copy of them too? It would be very helpful! Thanks!
    Hope you are having a great Easter!
  13. Hi, Please could you send me a copy too. I'm always rewriting my obs sheets so it'd be good to see what others do.
  14. You have mail!!!!
  15. You have mail!!!
  16. Could I be really cheeky too and ask for a copy?
    At the minute we have 'CLL, PSED, CD, PSRN, PD, KUW' written accross the top of our obs sheets but it would be very useful to see other ideas?
    Kind Regards
  17. You have mail!!!
  18. If you are not fed up of sending out emails, please,please could I have a copy to share with my staff.
  19. What a good idea. You don't even have to by the stickers. Different coloured stickers with the key at the front will do.

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