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Exam results provided to HODs

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by briceanus, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. briceanus

    briceanus New commenter

    When are exam results provided to HODs? Is there a rule from the exam boards that HODs cannot see results until the same day as students, even though the results are available (to exams officers and SLT) the day before ?
    As a HOD, I'm only given result details from my school 10 minutes before they are given out to students, and I'm expected to give an individualised analysis 30 mins later to the Head, and I feel this is not sufficient time to prepare myself, my responses to the students on 'delvery' and responses to the Head.
    How does it work in your schools ? Do you get results on the Wednesday at any time?
  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    June exams - no, we don't have electronic access a day early

    November and March GCSE modules - yes, because it can be time-critical for resits/next module

    January A Level exams - no

    [HOD in Surrey]
  3. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    Results are ofcourse not to be given to the students unitl thursday, but if a profesional member of staff cant be trusted then its a sry state of affairs and I think your SMT are getting this badly wrong especially if they expected feedback afetr 30 minutes - ridiculous and unnecessary.
    I always got the results on the Wednesday and even as a clas teacher we are told them Wednesday after school when the students have gone.
    The thought that a teacher would not be able to control their excitement and start phoning kids with their results beggars belief so I can see no reason whatsoever why you should not get them at the end of the day on Wednesday - or have your access switched off. Might be worth checking with Graham etc. but I am pretty sure that the exams rules allow this - Its only the students who cant be told.
  4. I get mine at the end of the school day on Wednesday after students have gone home. This gives me the chance to know who to look out for at results collection on the thursday in case I know of anyone who will be distraught!!
  5. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    According to JCQ regulations:
    "prior to the official dates and times for the release of results to candidates, keep results files and their contents entirely confidential to the head of centre, examinations office staff and those teaching staff who, in the opinion of the head of centre, need to be aware of the information"
    The head of centre would usually be the Head (not the Exams Officer, so don't blame him/her). Whether a HoDs need to be aware of the information is a moot point; clearly some schools think they do and some don't. If you think you do need the resultsbefore the students, why not ask? As a humble second in department, I don't see them until official release day, despite being married to our EO! My HoD doesn't either, and we have never thought we need to see them early. However, we are not expected to analyse them so quickly.

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