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Exam marking

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by vikingmaid, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. I have just finished exam marking Psychology..beside a nightmare paper. I can't believe that I earnt nearly half what I use to now that we lose standardisation etc. As for marking online..don't start me! I worked out that the number of hours I did would be paid less £3 an hour!
    Obviously I will not be working for this board again. How did others find the experience?

  2. Won't be long until exam boards just use pgce students and admin staff. Quickly losing faith in the exam system. May as well just shake em all up and put numbers in a computer and randomly assign grades to each student- that appears to be how it is working at the moment.
  3. Which boards are we on about? [​IMG]
    I've heard a lot about this online marking business. Anything to save ££....
    Have to say I'd much prefer marking actual papers.
  4. I marked 200 papers, finishing well ahead of the deadline. Had to chase up payment and when it has arrived have only been paid for 145! If its not easily resolved I wonlt be marking for this exam board again and will make sure anyone else ccnsidering marking for them hears about it as well.
    It annoys me how they are desperate for markers and then treat you like dirt!
  5. Hope you don't mind me bumping this.
    Just wondered whether you could fill me in on online marking. Does one examiner mark the whole paper or do different examiners mark different questions?
    Just trying to make sense of my AS results!

    Thankyou [​IMG]
  6. One examiner marks the whole paper.
  7. It depends on the board. When I did online marking I marked batches of the same questions, not whole papers. That was AQA B.
  8. I shall rephrase:
    For AQA Sociology, one examiner marks the whole paper.

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