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Exam Inspector

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Emmsy Squired, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Emmsy Squired

    Emmsy Squired New commenter

    I've been out of teaching for a while but considering a job as exams officer in a school. Just want to make sure I'm up with some key points.

    Can you tell me:

    1. How often does the JCQ Inspector come? Is it always at the same time of the year?

    2. How does the inspector decide which student's Access info to look at - is it random or does he come already with a list of kids he wants to evidence for

    3. Are there any issues wit the new online application for access arrangements etc?

    Many thanks for all your wonderful words of wisdom
  2. camptownraces

    camptownraces New commenter

    1. Twice a year, in theory. JCQ are training more inspectors as there may not be enough at the moment to meet this commitment.

    2. Inspectors pick ten students' files at random, examine the first five. If the first five are OK they don't look at the remainder. If some candidates' files are not satisfactory, there may be another visit. In theory the Centre can be disqualified if applications have been granted on inadequate evidence.

    3. Yes.

    The Form 8s, from this current year need a significant amount of information in Section A, which has to be backed up with a large amount of documentation provided by subject teachers.

    SENCos are in theory responsible for all this information, but in some schools Exams staff have to take care of it.

    Arrangements now have to be justified for each subject (and therefore each examination) separately. So a candidate may be awarded extra time and a reader for a History exam, but not for Geography. Makes the exams officer's job harder.

    Some applications have to be made manually to the Awarding Body concerned (those for >25% extra time, for instance)

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